McDonald's customer horrified by iced coffee find: 'Unlocked a new nightmare'

A customer who ordered an iced coffee from a McDonald's branch in New South Wales found he got a bit more than he paid for, but not in a good way.

The Aussie man said he thought there was a coffee bean floating around in his beverage, until he took his final sip and discovered the "bean" was actually a cockroach.

"Got to the final sip of my Macca's iced coffee... thought there was a coffee bean floating around," the man wrote on Reddit. His post also shows a photo of a plastic McDonald's cup and the drowned creepy crawly.

Empty McDonald's iced coffee cup with dead cockroach inside
A McDonald's customer made a shocking discovery after finishing a drink he ordered from the fast food restaurant. Source: Reddit

Other Redditors offered their opinions on the gross discovery.

"I would be sick if that was found on my last few sips. Sorry you went through that," someone commented, while another added, "It looks like it has an egg sac too..."

"Wow, you permanently unlocked a new nightmare for me whenever I order iced coffee anywhere," said a third.


Many Redditors did see some humour in the stomach-churning incident though, chiming in with puns through the thread.

"Awww you name your cockroaches too! Little coffee bean doesn't look like he's doing too good," commented one Reddit user.

"Protein shake," another user joked, while another added, "Still assume it's coffee bean. You will sleep better."

"I'd be McBuggin'," wrote another.

Coffee machine issue

Some Reddit users who work in the food and beverage industry pointed out that roach infestations are quite common in shops with large coffee machines.

One user who worked at a deli claimed that, depending on the location, food stores pass health inspections regardless of how severe infestations are, as long as they get sprayed with insecticide and pest traps are in place.

"This is why I prepare my own food and drink at home... that alone was enough to not work there and put me off fast-food/convenience," the Redditor commented.

McDonald's responds

In a statement to Yahoo News Australia, a McDonald's spokesperson said the company will be investigating the incident.

"McDonald's takes food and drink safety extremely seriously and we are disappointed to hear of the customer's experience," the spokesperson said.

"Our employees follow strict cleaning, sanitisation, quality control and hygiene procedures.

"We will look into this incident."

Disturbing finds

This isn't the first time customers have reported finding cockroaches or other strange things in their Macca's orders.

In April alone, one McDonald's customer made a similar revolting discovery after opening a Happy Meal he ordered for his daughter, while another Macca's customer found a name tag at the bottom of her drink last year.

In 2017, McDonald's had to issue an apology after news circulated about a customer who found cockroach legs in his Macca's coffee in Bangkok, Thailand.

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