McDonald's customer stuns onlookers with choice of drive-thru transport

Drive-thru staff at one McDonald's restaurant could not say "neigh" to a customer who rocked up on a horse.

The young man, who calls himself The Blessed Equestrian, posted a video of himself on TikTok casually ordering 100 chicken nuggets at the Leytonstone McDonald's Drive-thru in East London.

"I'm hungry after my hack. What can I say?" the rider told viewers in the clip after placing his order amid cheers.

"Yeah. We was hungry man," he says after picking his McNuggets up from the next window.

Young man riding horse in McDonald's drive-thru
A British man galloped off with 100 McDonald's chicken McNuggets after ordering from his horse's saddle. Credit: TikTok/@theblessedequestrian

The now viral footage has garnered around 1.7 million views since it was posted days ago and has attracted over 1,100 comments.

"That new Porsche it's built like a horse," one amused TikTok user commented, while another joked, "It's 1 horse power."

Where's the horse's meal?

Of course, not everyone was pleased with the stunt. While many viewers were amused by the unusual amount of chicken nuggets the young Brit ordered, others wished he brought carrots for his steed as well.

"I would do this but I'd get a carrot bag for the horse," one commented.

"I always get my pony the mini carrots so he doesn't feel left out," wrote another.

Mis-carriage of justice?

This isn't the only account of someone going through a Macca's drive-thru on a horse, but it is probably a first for a customer on horseback to actually be served.

In July, two hungry men on a horse and cart were refused service at a Macca's drive-thru after being deemed a health and safety hazard in North Somerset, UK.

Back in 2011, a couple travelling on horse and carriage was turned away by McDonald's staff, mainly due to "safety concerns".

A British woman was rejected at a Macca's drive-thru in 2013 while attempting to order food, after which her horse defecated inside the restaurant.

McDonald's has long had a policy of only serving people who are driving a motorised vehicle in the drive-thru lane for safety reasons, so it's no surprise most attempts at ordering on horseback have failed.

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