McDonald's customer crams burgers down bra in 'unhinged' clash with staff

A McDonald's customer has been filmed furiously stuffing burgers down her bra during a verbal altercation with employees.

The bizarre act was caught on camera by a fellow customer who was waiting in line inside the fast food restaurant in Bell Green, south-east London.

In the video, Macca's staff struggle to reason with the rowdy customer, who seemingly jumped over the counter into the kitchen during a heated confrontation.

McDonald's customer stuffs burgers down her bra in TikTok video
An irate McDonald's customer in the UK was filmed furiously stuffing burgers down her bra during a confrontation with staff. Source: TikTok

During the argument, a member of staff holds the door open for the woman while asking her to leave the kitchen.

"Leave the store," the employee tells the unruly customer repeatedly, while gesturing to the door.

However, the worker is unsuccessful in his attempts to convince the woman to vacate the premises.

Customer stuffs burgers into bra during confrontation

Instead, the woman marches barefoot into the kitchen and snatches two boxes containing freshly-made burgers from the warmer.

She then proceeds to stuff the burgers, which appear to be Big Macs, down the front of her dress and into her bra.

The woman is heard shouting at staff, "I offered to pay for food", while pacing back and forth and shoving an employee.

Eventually, the store manager is able to defuse the situation and persuade the enraged woman to leave the store with her.

However, the woman strikes again, stuffing two more burgers into her bra.

"I just want a f****** cheeseburger," says the woman, who is barefoot and wearing what appears to be a white wedding dress.

A fellow customer responds to the woman, asking: "But why you got two cheeseburgers on your breasts though?"

McDonald's customers exit busy restaurant
A McDonald's spokesperson said the customer's behaviour was "unacceptable". Source: Getty

'It's the Hamburglar'

The video, which was posted to TikTok earlier this month, has since amassed more than 48,000 views and hundreds of comments from bewildered people on social media.

"It's the Hamburglar," commented one viewer.

"The bride of Chucky," joked a second, referring to the woman's white gown.

"Where did she put the fries?" asked a third.

Others slammed the woman's behaviour as "sad", "desperate" and "unhinged".

'Completely unacceptable and has no place in our restaurants'

A McDonald’s spokesperson told The Sun the woman's behaviour was "unacceptable" and praised staff members for their handling of the situation.

"This behaviour is completely unacceptable and has no place in our restaurants," they said.

"We would like to thank our restaurant team for handling the incident in a calm and professional manner."

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