McDonald's customer shocks staff as she climbs through window into kitchen

McDonald's fans around the world understand the disappointment felt when you miss out on ordering a late night cheeseburger or fries on your Macca's run.

This is exactly how one desperate woman in the US felt when she was informed her local McDonald's restaurant had stopped taking orders for the night.

However, she decided to take matters into her own hands – climbing through the drive-thru window to make herself a snack.

McDonald's customer  climbing through the drive-through window
A desperate McDonald's customer was captured on TikTok climbing through the drive-through window to make herself a late night snack. Source: TikTok/@GreerGreer

In a viral video posted to TikTok by a McDonald's employee, the bold customer is shown climbing through the store's drive-thru window while staff scream with laughter.

Wearing a pink dress and wedge heels, the woman appears to have just come from a night out and is determined to make her own Macca's meal.

Customer tries to make her own meal

In the video, staff can be heard asking "what are you doing?" when the woman enters the kitchen.

Clasping her hands together, she smiles and says "alright" as she prepares to flaunt her culinary skills.

Meanwhile, McDonald's staff, who are out of uniform and closing up for the night, are on the floor laughing at the spectacle.

"I need somebody’s permission. I need to speak to the manager on duty," says the customer.

One of the staff responds: "I'm the manager on duty."

"Do I have permission to learn with you? It's a training thing," says the woman, while using air quotes.

The manager seems to take the woman's actions with a sense of humour and offers to make food for her.

Woman standing with staff inside McDonald's after climbing in
The woman successfully made it inside the McDonald's restaurant while the staff laughed. Source: TikTok/@GreerGreer

The staffer's hilarious video went viral on TikTok, amassing over 703,100 views, 125,000 likes and 1,600 comments.

'All laughs and no fighting': Viewers praise McDonald's staff

Many users applauded the woman's bold move, claiming she is an "icon" and "seems like a good time".

"She's so wholesome. No Karen screaming or anything, she's just hungry," wrote one user.

One woman said she understood the woman's intense craving for a late-night burger and fries.

"Some of y'all have never been drunk AF and craved a burger and fries so bad it hurts," she wrote.

McDonald's staffer hands order out window at drive through
Users applauded the light-hearted way the McDonald's staff handled the situation. Source: Getty

Others applauded the light-hearted way the staff handled the situation, which could have turned nasty.

"Finally all laughs and no fighting. Good to see people cool and chill, we all need to be understanding," one person wrote.

"The employees handled it well. The whole situation is just kinda funny," wrote a second.

A third wrote: "I love the staff's energy. It's giving 'I'm here to be paid, this not my house' vibes."

Meanwhile many were left pondering whether the woman ever got her Macca's meal – which is a question that remains unanswered.

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