McDonald's drive-thru worker's perfect response to being trolled over food shortages

Customer service workers everywhere will probably agree they don't have time for trolls, but that wasn't the case for one McDonald's employee in the US.

The Macca's cashier became the subject of a viral TikTok thanks to his good-humoured response to a customer's prank.

McDonald's drive-thru speaker box; McDonald's sign
A McDonald's customer has gone viral for trolling a drive-thru cashier about out-of-stock menu items. Source: TikTok/@bryanarnett

In the TikTok clip, a man drives up to the drive-thru speaker to place his order when he spots a printed notice informing customers which items are currently out of stock.

The sign informs readers that the restaurant is out of chicken tenders, Dr Pepper, Sprite, ranch/house dressing and buffalo sauce.

McDonald's worker takes prank in stride

The customer decides to troll the Macca's employee by ordering every out-of-stock item on the notice.

He says to the speaker: "Can I please get a six-piece chicken tender, with a Dr Pepper, a medium Sprite, with some Ranch and Buffalo.”

After a moment of silence, the McDonald's worker responds to the customer's bogus order.

"You're f***ing with me," the employee says, laughing along with the customer at the prank.

'Only good vibes'

In the six days since it was posted, the video has amassed over 14.2 million views, 3.2 million likes and thousands of comments from amused TikTok users.

Dozens of people praised the McDonald's cashier for seeing the funny side of the joke and spreading "good vibes".

"This is how it be with my customers. Only good vibes," wrote another Macca's employee.

McDonald's worker hands customer takeaway bag through drive-thru window
Dozens of users praised the Macca's cashier for laughing along with the joke and spreading "good vibes". Source: Getty

"He passed the vibe test," wrote a second person.

A third wrote: "Both of them are legends."

Others labelled the checkout worker's response "king behaviour", "wholesome" and "so cool".

McDonald's customer climbs through drive-thru window

Another "wholesome" McDonald's video in the US made headlines last month after a desperate customer was filmed climbing through the drive-thru window to make herself a snack.

In the TikTok posted by a McDonald's employee, the staff are seen screaming with laughter and asking "what are you doing?" as the woman walks around the kitchen.

She then proceeds to ask for permission from the store manager to start making herself a late-night snack.

Stills from TikTok video in which a woman in a pink dress climbs through a McDonald's drive-thru window into the kitchen
A desperate McDonald's customer was captured on TikTok climbing through the drive-thru window to make herself a late night snack. Source: TikTok/@GreerGreer

Dozens of users applauded the woman's hilarious actions, labelling her an "icon" and a "good time".

"She's so wholesome. No Karen screaming or anything, she's just hungry," wrote one user.

"Finally all laughs and no fighting. Good to see people cool and chill, we all need to be understanding," chimed a second.

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