McDonald's worker stuns with aggressive burger act: 'Makes total sense now'

A McDonald's employee in the US has gone viral after sharing his aggressive hamburger-making technique.

The Macca's worker shared a video of himself making a hamburger in the fast food restaurant's kitchen, which shows him being extremely heavy-handed with the menu item.

The TikTok video, captioned "The McDonald's life", has amassed over 38 million views and over 47,300 comments within a week of posting.

McDonald's worker in the US punches hamburger
A McDonald's worker in the US has gone viral after sharing his aggressive burger-making technique. Source: TikTok/@dampoutsoles

In the video, the McDonald's employee makes the hamburger with the necessary ingredients as expected.

However he then proceeds to punch it with his bare fist before wrapping it up.

While the young employee in the video is shown wearing a face mask, he is not wearing any gloves, as is the standard in McDonald's restaurants in the US.

'That’s why mine always come squashed'

While it's not known if the burger in the video was served to a customer, thousands of McDonald's fans flooded the comments to say they now understood why their burgers are always so flat.

"That's why mine always come squashed," wrote one shopper.

"That's why! Makes total sense now. Thank you," wrote a second.

A third customer said that he finally understands why there is always a white mark at the bottom – from an employee's knuckles.

Others claimed the video was the "truest thing ever", while others shared that they couldn't stop laughing at the man's technique.

Macca's worker responds to customer comments

In two follow-up videos from the same McDonald's worker, he responds to comments from customers.

In response to someone writing, "It's just pickles and onions, WTF", he filmed himself piling layers of pickles onto a McDonald's burger bun before punching it.

McDonald's worker making burgers in TikTok videos
The McDonald's employee shared follow-up videos featuring more unusual food preparation, which some viewers said could get him fired. Source: TikTok/@dampoutsoles

In the second follow-up video, the employee responds to a user's who accused McDonald's of adding too much mayonnaise to its burgers by drowning two toasted buns in McChicken sauce.

The latter TikTok video, which garnered two million views, earned dozens of comments from users claiming the employee would likely be fired for his brazen acts.

"Bro's going to get fired," wrote one user.

"Still wondering why you're not fired yet," chimed a second.

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