Aussie artist divides critics with McDonald's pickle flung onto ceiling

An Australian artist's work featuring a pickle from a McDonald's burger flung onto a ceiling has divided the art community, raising the question whether the kooky "installation" indeed qualifies as art.

The artwork, simply entitled "Pickle", is one of four new works in Fine Arts, Sydney's exhibition hosted by the Michael Lett Gallery in Auckland, New Zealand until July 30.

Fine Arts, Sydney described Pickle as a "sculpture comprising the slice of pickle from a McDonald's cheeseburger flung onto the ceiling", crediting the artwork to Sydney artist Matthew Griffin.

An Aussie artist's sculpture featuring a McDonald's cheeseburger pickle flung onto a pristine white ceiling
An Aussie artist's sculpture featuring a pickle from a McDonald's cheeseburger flung onto a pristine white ceiling has divided art lovers.Instagram/@fineartssydney

The pickle artwork has divided art fans, with some praising the contemporary abstract art, as others joined in with puns.

"Perfection," one Instagram user commented about the artwork.

"Love it," another proclaimed.

"Part of a rich late night tradition," someone joked, while another commented, "A reminder to not put near mouth! Amazing it sticks to ceiling, but acidity regulator and firming agent could be anti gravity."

But is it art?

Some Instagram users also questioned whether the installation really should be considered art.

"Oh so it's 'art' when you do it but I get asked to leave the restaurant," one person joked, while another commented, "My kid coulda dun that." To which another quipped, "My kid did do dat!"

"Look Morty I'm an artwork. I'm artwork Rick!" another said, in reference to a pickle episode in the cult adult animated science fiction sitcom Rick and Morty.

Someone else wondered whether more "artists" could get involved, asking, "Is this an interactive exhibit? Can we add pickles?"


About the artist

Mr Griffin's previous works include "Anywhere but here", featuring a yellow plastic chair balanced on a ceramic dolphin and a balloon hovering above with the words "anywhere but here" written on it, which is displayed at Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), along with another of his other artworks called "Aske".

The MCA describes Mr Griffin's art as a combination of wry humour with a DIY sensibility in his sculptures, photography, videos and installations.

"His playful approach, often blending references from high and popular culture, disguises a more incisive critique of truth, authenticity and the construction of images in a digital age," reads MCA's profile of Mr Griffin.

"Griffin also takes jabs at the contemporary art world, drawing attention to its conceits and inherent ethical problems. More recently, the artist has used his @contemporaryary Instagram account to address the absurd spectacle of global politics, posting videos that incorporate found footage and audio from various online sources."

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