Violent brawl after McDonald's runs out of Big Macs

McDonald's customers have started a brawl after the fast food restaurant ran out of Big Mac burgers.

One man was told "suck it, fatty" after he became upset the last burger had been sold to the person in front at a McDonald's in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro on June 11.

Video of the incident was filmed from behind the counter and subsequently posted to social media and went viral on June 14.

Two men fight in McDonald's.
A large group of people fight at a McDonalds in Rio de Janeiro. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

According to reports, the brawl broke out after a group of young people who had come from a nightclub spent ages ordering a large amount of food, which apparently included buying the last of the Big Macs.

The second group of young people that were behind them were already annoyed at being made to wait and were not in a good mood when they finally got to the till.

The violence then broke out when one hungry young man asked for a Big Mac, only to be told they had just sold out.

A man holds a chair up during a brawl in McDonald's.
One of the men pick up a chair inside the restaurant. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

He lost his temper and started swearing at the cashier, but the verbal argument became violent when one of the men from the first group laughed in his face and shouted: "Suck it, fatty!"

A brawl then ensued, with numerous punches thrown, and chips and ketchup sent flying.

The footage also shows how one man even picks up a plastic chair and strikes another man on the head with it, with a young woman later whacking him with a broom.

The girls in the respective groups of friends can be heard repeatedly shouting "no" and "stop" to the brawling men at the top of their voices as at least one diner looks on, unsure of what to do.

It is unclear if the police later got involved.

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