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McDonald's customer's 'absolutely disgusting' find after finishing meal

A McDonald’s customer has slammed the fast-food outlet after making a “revolting” discovery in her meal.

The customer who visited the Rhodes McDonald's in New South Wales took to Facebook to share her experience after ordering a meal for herself and her toddler.

She ordered a large Big Mac meal from the store and said she found "tangled fluffy dust" at the bottom of the fries packet.

But the real surprise came when she finished her drink and discovered a McDonald's Crew Coach name badge inside.

“I was shocked when I finished drinking my Coke and discovered the staff’s name tag inside the cup,” she wrote in a local Rhodes community group.

A McDonald's cup with a name badge inside. Source: Facebook.
The McDonald's customer couldn't believe her eyes when she found the name tag in her drink. Source: Facebook.

“It was absolutely disgusting. I was so stressed out and almost threw up.

“I know this was an unintended mistake but it shouldn’t have happened, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

After making her odd drink discovery, the customer said she contacted the restaurant about the mistake.

“I emailed the restaurant and they responded back with apologies and a $30 voucher which can only be used at Rhodes McDonald’s,” she said.

“Honestly, I can’t eat fast food again after this happened.

“I spent over $20 to only $10 compensation for this?”

The customer said she was unimpressed overall by the standard of the food from the new McDonald's outlet which has only recently opened.

McDonald's drive-thru. Source: Getty Images
The customer said she was 'disgusted' after purchasing the meal and sharing it with her toddler. Source: Getty Images (chameleonseye via Getty Images)

McDonald's customers concerned by 'pretty serious' find

The unimpressed woman also left a Google review for the restaurant saying: “A real disgusting feeling when you open up your coke and find a staff name tag inside.”

Members of the Facebook community group commented on the woman's drink ordeal saying they'd experienced poor service at the store too.

"I thought Macca's at Sydney Olympic Park was bad, Rhodes is worse," one person shared.

"I ordered lunch from there yesterday. The chicken fillet in my McChicken was like frozen hard."

Others said the woman should ask for further compensation.

"You should get free Macca's for a year for that kind of sloppy service," one person commented on the woman's post.

"All jokes aside, that's pretty serious. I would ring Macca's head office and let them know this happened," another person advised.

McDonald's responds to drink safety concerns

McDonald’s Australian told Yahoo News Australia their staff members take drink safety "extremely seriously".

“Our employees follow strict cleaning, sanitisation, quality control and hygiene procedures to ensure our restaurants remain safe for our staff and customers," a McDonald's spokesperson said.

“McDonald’s takes food and drink safety extremely seriously and we are disappointed to hear of the customer’s experience.

“On this occasion, we understand the name badge fell into the drink without the employee knowing, due to a broken clasp.

“We have apologised to the customer and offered a full refund, and will conduct an investigation into how this occurred.”

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