McDonald's differences shock US expat living in Australia

A US expat has revealed some of the jarring differences between McDonald's in Australia, compared to the US.

TikToker Kaymie Wuerfel has shared several videos on the app, detailing the cultural differences between the two countries, after she moved down under from Florida in 2019.

This time around, she treated her audience to the "McDonald's edition", where she went through the various "culture shocks" she's had with the fast-food giant.

The first one she showcased was the nicknames the US and Australia have for the iconic chain.

Through acting out a conversation in the video, Kaymie asks an "Aussie" if they would like anything from "Mickey D's", of course, here in Australia, we have our own name for McDonald's — "Maccas".

Kaymie Wuerfel explained several differences between McDonald's in the US and in Australia. Source: TikTok/kayywuerf
Kaymie Wuerfel explained several differences between McDonald's in the US and in Australia. Source: TikTok/kayywuerf

Continuing her skit, Kaymie acts out her ordering from an Australian McDonald's.

"Sorry, I must be blind, but where is your $1 menu?" she asks in the video.

"We don't have food for $1," Kaymie pretending to be a McDonald's worker says in response.

Kaymie then makes her order, a cheeseburger and a large coke, the worker then asks if she would like "chips" also.

"No, I'd rather have fries than a bag of chips," the expat replies.

"Chips are what you call fries," Kaymie, posing as the Maccas worker replies.

The last part of the skit refers to the difference in drink size, because the US large is substantially bigger than the large drink offered in Australia.

In the comments someone asked just how big the drink sizes were in the States and Kaymie said the US small is bigger than the large in Australia.

Someone said they loved how large the serving of fries was at McDonald's when they went to America.

A McDonalds sign. Source: Getty Images
The TikToker pointed out several differences, including the nicknames Australians and Americans have given to McDonalds. Source: Getty Images

However, in the comments, some people did point out some Australians call it Mickey D's and fries is generally used around Australia.

Some pointed out while there is no $1 menu here in Australia, there is an alternative.

"We have a loose change menu because due to the currency conversion, most things cost $1.50 - $2 instead of the US$1," someone said in the comments.

Kaymie agreed the "Loose Change" menu sounded better.

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