KFC and McDonald's meals 'better in Australia', US expat says

A fast-food loving American expat has explained what she believes to be the key difference in meals from KFC and McDonald's in Australia compared to her home country.

Sydney resident Sophia, who moved to NSW from Los Angeles, in the US state of California, detailed in a recent TikTok video how shocked she was after tasting food from the fast-food giants in Australia.

In a video posted on Thursday, she documented herself sampling her first Zinger burger and Twister wrap, which she claimed in a voice over was far higher quality than what she was expecting.

"I swear the fast food in Australia is so much better than in America because the quality of the food is just a lot better," Sophia said.

"You can see it in the photos and the videos as well."

Images from TikTok showing a KFC meal.
Sophia documented herself sampling her first KFC Zinger burger and Twister wrap in a TikTok posted on Thursday. Source: TikTok/sophiainsydney

Reflecting on feedback to a photo of a McDonald's burger to her Instagram, she recalled friends in the US telling her how much more appealing it looked compared to one in America.

"All my friends back in California were like, 'wait, why does that look so good?'," she said.

"I have a theory that Australians are smaller than Americans because Australians charge for condiments and the portions are smaller."

While she had high praise for KFC's burger and wrap, she seemed less than impressed with the chips, saying they were "mediocre" and "could be better" in response to several questions about them.

Of the 400 people to comment on the video, many Australians argued the quality may have seemed higher due to the high food safety standards that companies must comply with in Australia.

Some claimed KFC could have tasted better due to it sourcing chicken from an Australian producer, while others argued Australian McDonald's seemed like it used less preservatives and chemicals.

Many agreed that fast food in Australia seemed reasonably fresh in comparison to overseas.

"All fast-food in Australia is so much better than the US because we use fresh produce," one person wrote in a comment.

US restaurants have 'chemicals in everything'

"Australia has some of the highest food safety standards globally. Whereas the US uses chemicals in everything," another wrote.

"Food quality is better in Australia but quantity is way low compared to America," a third said.

Someone else argued the rule "quality over quantity" applied to the fast-food debate.

A KFC in Australia recently received praise after a TikTok video featured a drive-thru worker's incredible enthusiasm while taking people's orders.

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