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'We are done': Woman hits out at KFC over potato mash shock

A KFC diner was distressed after buying one of the fast food outlet's cult favourites and finding it contaminated with a foreign object.

Photos shared online this week showed an almost entirely finished tub of KFC's potato mash and gravy with what appeared to be a twisted elastic band at the bottom.

According to the customer, the product was purchased from KFC in Graaff-Reinet, a town in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, on Monday (local time).

A KFC sign is pictured.
A woman claimed a mash and gravy dish from a KFC store in South Africa had an elastic band mixed in with it. Source: Getty Images (Getty Images)

"This is what my husband chewed on when eating his mash and gravy on Monday night," she wrote in a post to Facebook.

"Lodged a formal complaint, but no one has contacted me yet."

The elastic band appeared to have a colour similar to that of the light brown dish, possibly making it easier to mistake it as part of the creamy mash.

The woman claimed the elastic band was just the latest in a string of unpleasant experiences with the specific KFC store.

Woman's love for KFC on the wane

She said staff regularly got their orders wrong and forgot to add the fruit chutney sprinkle on top of her daughter's "Sprinkle Pop" popcorn chicken.

Additionally, she complained about staff not wearing face masks and the Krusher drink machine being "almost permanently" out of order.

She added her husband once waited 45 minutes because the breakfast service "wasn't ready" to begin at 6am like it was supposed to.

A KFC mash and gravy tub with an elastic band at the bottom.
The woman's husband had just about finished his dish when he realised there was an elastic band inside. Source: Facebook

"Either they need to improve, get a better branch manager or close down," she wrote.

"It's so sad, because we really love KFC, but after this last episode, I think we are done."

Yahoo News Australia has contacted KFC for comment on the elastic band found in the potato mash and gravy.

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