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Could this be KFC's funniest drive-thru worker?

A KFC worker has gained a legion of fans after a TikTok video featured his upbeat manner while serving a customer in the drive-thru.

The employee's exceptional greeting earned a worthy chuckle from TikTok user thelife.ofvee who visited the Greenslopes store in Brisbane on Monday.

"What can i cockalidoodelidoo for you?" the cheery worker asked.

The customer replied that they would like an upsized Zinger Box, which prompted a cheeky response from the employee.

The KFC employee has earned a legion of fans after he featured in a viral TikTok. Source: Getty
The KFC employee has earned a legion of fans after he featured in a viral TikTok. Source: Getty

"Of course you would love that. It's the end of the week, you've got to prepare yourself for the rest of the new week," he quipped.

"What drink would you love for that?" he then prompted.

The customer requested a Pepsi drink and asked for extra salt on his hot chips.

"Extra salt, nice choice. Anything else for tonight?" he asked, with the customer then opting for a side of coleslaw.

"Coleslaw on the side, so you still want the potato and gravy?" he said, receiving the response: "correct".

"Nice decision, nice. Anything else?", he said, with the driver confirming he had finished ordering.

"That's just $18.40, drive on through," the employee concluded.

Close to 185,000 people had watched the clip by Thursday, with more than 300 people commenting to express their appreciation of the worker's enthusiasm.

"I need to see what he looks like, what a champion," one person wrote in a comment.

"I've never met someone so Australian," someone else said.

"Now this is how they should take your order," a third said.

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