KFC customer shares 'disgusting' find inside popcorn chicken

A KFC customer has hit out at the fast-food chain after finding what they claim to be "a piece of mouldy chicken" in their meal.

The Australian customer purchased popcorn chicken from the Ballina Fair store in northern NSW on Monday but says the "disgusting" find has now turned them off for good.

The fast food chain however says the discovery was not "anything harmful".

KFC customer's mouldy popcorn chicken
A KFC customer claims they found mouldy chicken inside their popcorn chicken meal. Source: Facebook

"I went to KFC Ballina Fair yesterday to get some popcorn chicken for lunch before returning home," the customer detailed on Facebook.

"I had already eaten a few pieces before I saw it — a piece of mouldy partly squashed chicken."

"Disgusting dirty animals," the poster added. "I will never go back there again."

Accompanying the post was a picture of the fried chicken in question and nestled among a handful of small chicken pieces was one that appears to have a mould-like coating.

Other KFC fans weren't too impressed by the "disgusting" find and shared their thoughts online.

"OMG," one simply wrote.

While others used emojis to best describe their feelings, with one sharing a nauseated face.

The customer bought the popcorn chicken from the Ballina Fair KFC store. Source: KFC/Getty
The customer bought the popcorn chicken from the Ballina Fair KFC store. Source: KFC/Getty

Other customers' 'disgusting' KFC finds

In 2018, the Ballina Fair store was dubbed "the worst KFC in Australia" by a customer who told The Daily Telegraph she'd never go back.

The comment came after an Environmental Health Officer inspected the site following a complaint about the "filthy" and mouldy state of the restaurant.

Earlier this year in Brazil, a man claimed an enormous cockroach fell out of his KFC burger after he bit into it. And in China, a woman previously claimed she found deep-fried toilet paper in her order of chicken.

A KFC spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the discovery did not put the customer at any risk.

"We’re sorry for this customer’s experience but can confirm that the colouring found on the chicken was not mould or anything harmful, and that the customer was immediately provided with a replacement of Popcorn Chicken."

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