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KFC customer's horrific find after uncle bites into burger: 'FELL OUT'

A man claims an enormous cockroach fell out of his KFC burger after he bit into it.

Carlo Felipe Sardi, 54, said he was dining at KFC in the Iguatemi shopping centre in the city of Porto Alegre, in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, with his niece, Julia Penha, when the incident took place on Monday (local time).

The civil servant said it was his first experience at a KFC restaurant and he was far from impressed, according to the news site G1.

Ms Penha posted images of the cockroach allegedly in her uncle's meal on Twitter on Tuesday.

Carlo Felipe Sardo's niece Julia Penha is pictured left. On the right is a KFC burger with the cockroach lying beside some chips.
Carlo Felipe Sardi's niece Julia Penha (left) shared photos of the KFC find (right) on Twitter. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

At the time of writing, it has been liked 50,000 times and received 3000 comments.

"Today I was with my uncle at Iguatemi mall in Porto Alegre and we went to eat at KFC. He ordered a burger and fries, halfway through he took a bite, and a whole piece of what he thought was chicken fell out, but when he looked down, what he actually saw was a whole cockroach," Ms Penha wrote.

Mr Sardi added: "Incredible! I was still chewing the burger. I did not react. This is the kind of thing you only see happening to other people on TV. Nothing prepares you for a moment like this."

He added the huge critter was hidden inside the burger: "The cockroach was not in the fries, as they were loose, served alongside the burger.

"And given the size of the whole insect, it would have been impossible not to see it, let alone bite into it.

"For a few moments, Julia and I were in shock looking at it. Then she decided to take pictures and I complained to the manager."

Man left 'disgusted' by KFC incident, unable to eat

Mr Sardi said he suffered from diarrhoea, stomach cramps and severe heartburn.

"I talked with my doctor, who advised me to undergo some tests and take de-worming treatment and antibiotics," he said.

"Unfortunately I haven't been able to eat anything since the incident. I'm disgusted. I can't even swallow my own saliva. It accumulates in my mouth and I spit in the sink. The whole thing is much more psychological than physical."

Following the incident, KFC Brasil said it "strictly follows all the recommendations of the health department and other competent bodies" and it was "committed to investigating the facts".

The fast food chain added it “immediately” contacted the customer as soon as it became aware of the incident.

– Australscope

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