'Doesn't look right': Woolworths shopper's nasty butter chicken find

Brooke Rolfe
·News Reporter
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Ready-made meals from Woolworths have been tossed straight in the bin after disgusted customers classified them as inedible on first glance.

Several customers couldn’t help but turn their noses up at the retailer’s own brand of Butter Chicken with Rice due to a batch appearing to have unappealing “grey chunks”.

In the past week, shoppers have raised their concern over the foul-looking product with the supermarket via its Facebook page.

One shopper on Saturday shared an image of the meal after heating it up, announcing there was “zero chance I am even going to attempt to eat that”.

A clump of grey substance seen on the plate of Butter Chicken from Woolworths.
This meal came with an unsightly clump of grey substance. Source: Facebook

The reason for his stance was obvious, with the “chicken” shown clumped into a mound of fleshy, grey substance surrounded by a pool of liquid orange.

Adding to the unpleasant scene was the rice, which remained in the same rectangle shape even after being removed from the container.

Another shopper responded in a comment saying she too had purchased the product and noticed something not quite right with it.

“I am in Brisbane and I had one a couple of months ago like that. Didn't eat it,” her comment read.

Someone else expressed their disgust by simply writing: “Ow ewww”.

Another shopper knew there was something wrong with the meal even before taking it out of the container.

Frozen Woolworths Butter Chicken meal with suspicious contents.
This shopper was suspicious over the contents of this butter chicken meal. Source: Facebook

“This is what I found when I went to heat lunch up. Doesn't quite look right,” his post, sharing a photo of the frozen meal, read.

He added that he immediately classed the meal as inedible and threw it in the bin.

“I normally love this meal, its great and a cheap lunch. Hope it’s a one off – still have another in the freezer so I'll let you know. When I’m game enough to attempt to eat one again that is,” he wrote.

Yet another person shared in a comment that they too had spotted something unusual with the same meal.

‘Massive chunk of something grey’

“Had one in the freezer. It looked really bad. Massive chunk of grey something in it,” they wrote.

A Woolworths spokesperson confirmed the supermarket was investigating how the “batch had been sent out without going through normal processes”.

“We treat food quality seriously, so we're disappointed to see this,” they told Yahoo News Australia.

“Our suppliers have a number of processes in place to ensure the highest quality products end up in our stores.

“We'll be looking into this further with our supplier to understand why this particular batch wasn't up to the standards our customers quite rightly expect.”

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