Woolworths shoppers excited by 'breathtaking' new store

A Woolworths shopper has gone viral on TikTok after giving users on a virtual tour of the “fancy Woolies” in Ascot, Brisbane.

The excited shopper posted her ode to Woolies on TikTok three days ago, where she walks users through the renovated Ascot supermarket in Racecourse Village.

“Hi, come to fancy Woolies with me,” says the TikTok user, @islahpalmer, in the video.

The impressed shopper starts the 30-second video by walking through the entrance gates of Woolworths, which is already decked out in Christmas decorations.

Stills from video inside the Woolworths Ascot store.
Shopper gives inside look of 'fancy' Woolworths store in Ascot, Brisbane. Source: TikTok/@islahpalmer

“This Woolies is breathtaking, I could spend so many hours in here,” the TikToker says, while walking users through the produce aisle.

The produce aisle is lined with fridges displaying loose vegetables, such as bok choy and broccoli, which are lightly misted to maintain their freshness.

Next, the shopper makes her way to the fresh sushi bar: “The sushi bar is always stocked with fresh stuff.”

In the video, users can see the sushi bar is manned by an in-store sushi chef who presumably makes all of the sushi fresh for customers.

She gushes: “And, where you get hot chickens, they also have fresh hot rice bowls and they are actually amazing.”

The enthusiastic customer pans the camera across the warmer full of hot chickens and Japanese-style bowls filled with colourful veggies, rice and chicken.

Woolworths store described as 'immaculate’

“There is so much cheese, did you see that barrel? Why is there a barrel? Who needs all this cheese?” the woman asks users, as she shows off Woolworths’ impressive international cheese range filling the fridges.

In the bakery section of the Woolworths, viewers can see a working oven, which the shopper informs customers is “usually spinning with fresh bread”.

The contraption features a sign reading: “Freshly made flat bread”, and you can almost smell the delicious aroma of fresh bread filling the store.

Sushi bar and chicken section inside the Woolworths store in TikTok video.
The Woolworths shopper revealed the Ascot store sells freshly-made sushi and rice bowls. Source: TikTok/@islahpalmer

She concludes: “Everything about this store is immaculate. There are so many flowers, too, like what?”

The exclusive in-store tour concludes with a panning shot of colourful household plants, including succulents, orchids, and bouquets of flowers, at the front of the store.

Unsurprisingly, the TikTok video was a hit with supermarket shoppers, amassing over 147,200 views, 13,500 likes and hundreds of comments praising the store.

“That place is next level,” wrote one shopper.

“This store is amazing! Makes my store look like a pleb store,” joked another shopper.

“Literally my favourite Woolies. I will go out of my way to go there,” confessed a third customer.

Customers say Woolworths stores highlight economic divide

However, some shoppers pointed out that the Woolworths store only highlighted the economic divide between different areas.

One shopper wrote: “The economic divide demonstrated by Woolies around Brisbane is crazy. Rich areas get amazing produce, where I am you can’t get produce that’s alive.”

Another shopper joked: “I remember when my rich friend took me to the Racecourse. Their lettuce lives a better life than most people do.”

A third wrote: “So all Woolies are not equal!”

While several shoppers admitted that Ascot was a wealthy area, which is why their Woolworths was so bougie.

Others flocked to the comments to inform Woolworths shoppers they hadn’t seen fancy until they had been to Supa IGA Mount Cotton in Queensland, or any of the 30 Harris Farm Markets stores.

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