Woolworths shares relatable TikTok sparking debate among shoppers

Woolworths’s latest TikTok has gone viral for drawing attention to a relatable customer experience.

The 28 second video starring TikTok star Liam Kirley, has gained over 131,400 views and 12,300 likes in a matter of days.

In the video, Liam is manning the cash register at a Woolworths store, and serving a woman.

“Point of view: you forgot something at the register,” the video says.

The TikTok shows the woman putting her groceries on the checkout and then realising she’s forgotten something.

“I forgot my milk, just one minute,” she says.

Stills from the TikTok video.
The hilarious video has gained hundreds of interactions from the TikTok community. Source: TikTok/Woolworths

The woman then undertakes a panicked run of the Woolworths store to tense music as she collects her milk, and some other items she had forgotten while Liam continues scanning groceries.

As she collects her milk, Liam is humorously seen to be watching her through the milk fridge.

The woman frantically runs back to the cash register and dumps her items at the conveyor belt, for Liam to say: “You were really quick!”

Woolworths’s TikTok videos have taken their 63,800 followers by storm, revealing a number of behind-the-scenes secrets, shopping hacks and sustainability tips.

The video’s commentary on the relatable anxiety-filled moment has resonated with TikTok users, with many adding comments to the video with their own experiences.

It's also sparked a debate in the comments with viewers discussing which item they most often forget.

“The stress for the checkout worker trying to pack slowly so they get back in time is intense,” wrote one person.

“This always happens to me, I forget one thing and I come back with 10,” commented another.

“When your mum leaves you to get the milk and you’re awkwardly waiting for her at the checkout,” said a third.

Social media reveals most commonly forgotten shopping item

TikTok users have been adding comments to the viral Woolworths video discussing the items that they most commonly forget when grocery shopping.

According to comments, the most forgotten items are milk, bread, and butter.

”Bread. It’s always the bread,” said one TikTok user.

“Why can’t milk be stocked at the end of the cash registers,” joked another.

“I did this the other day and forgot the damn butter,” wrote a third.

Supermarket aisle and empty trolley from point of view angle.
Reddit users have also chimed in on the topic on r/askreddit, stating that paper towels is another commonly forgotten item. Source: Getty Images

Other TikTok users have added comments on the popular video drawing attention to another common in-store mishap of forgetful grocery shoppers.

”When I say I forgot the milk that was actually the only item I meant to get but forgot,” said one person.

“It’s always the thing I go out to get and remember half way through checking out,” wrote another.

Woolworths doubles down on relatable TikToks

Another TikTok recently posted by Woolworths has drawn attention to another common customer behaviour.

The video, which is of a similar format to their most recent "point of view" video, comments on the stubbornness of customers when it comes to using a basket for their shopping.

“Point of view - when you think you don’t need a basket,” the video says.

The TikTok shows a woman juggling a mound of packages, cold items and produce in her hands, and attempting to get to the self checkout.

But, she has overloaded her hands and keeps dropping items. The video finishes showing that the woman had spilled her yoghurt.

TikTok users have been quick to throw their support behind the relatable video in the comments section.

“You didn’t have to expose me like that," wrote one user.

“Happens to me every damn time,” another said.

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