Woolworths reveals top three tips for a more sustainable shop

Woolworths has released a hilarious and informative new TikTok, telling customers three ways they can shop more sustainably in store.

The video was posted by the retail giant on Tuesday, and has already gained almost 10,000 views.

The 38 second video shows viral TikTok star Liam Kirley standing in front of a Woolworths store.

“Oh hi, I didn’t see you there,” he tells Woolworths’s 60,100 followers.

“My name’s Liam and I’m going to show you three ways you can shop more sustainably at Woolworths, the fresh food people.”

Screenshot of TikTok on left and Woolworths logo on right. Source: TikTok/Woolworths (left), Getty Images (right)
Liam Kirley stars in most of Woolworths's viral TikToks. Source: TikTok/Woolworths (left), Getty Images (right)

The video then shows Liam walking towards the store’s entry, before tripping and saying “whoops, keep walking.”

The camera then pans to Liam standing at the store’s produce section where he shares the first sustainable shopping tip.

“These are our produce reusable bags from the produce department which you can use again and again,” he says, gesturing to the material bags for sale on a small stand.

Tip number two takes place at the counter, where Liam gives a tip to reduce paper waste.

“You can opt out of paper receipts and opt in for digital receipts through the rewards app,” he says.

The third tip takes place at the front of the store.

“Recycle your soft plastics at our REDcycle bins available at every Woolworths.”

Screenshots from the TikTok video. Source: TikTok/Woolworths
The TikTok has already gained thousands of likes. Source: TikTok/Woolworths

Liam is then shown standing at the front of the store, and signing off the video by saying: “That’s how you can shop a little more sustainably at Woolworths.”

He then almost walks into a trolley boy and humorously looks off camera and asks someone to “cut that bit out.”

TikTok users react to newest hack

Woolworths’s newest in-store hack has been well received by TikTok users, who have added their own observations in the video’s comments.

Some TIkTok users have expressed their surprise at the hacks in the comments, saying that the tips have helped them.

“Wait, those fruit bags are reusable?” asked one person.

Others have taken to the comments section to provide more sustainability tips that the retailer should cover.

“Liam, please tell people if online ordering to not request packaging,” asked one TikTok user.

“Just wondering can the plastic bags next to the veggie fruit section be replaced by paper bags like the ones used for mushrooms?” asked another.

Other users have posted comments commending the retailer on their humorous take on providing tips to customers.

“Woolies, you are such vibes,” one person wrote.

Woolworths’s most recent sustainability move

Woolworths has recently announced it is trialling electric vehicles as part of its 2025 sustainability initiative.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Woolworths’s supply chain arm Primary Connect had partnered with logistics company Linfox to launch a new electric truck in Melbourne, in an effort to invest in a low carbon future.

Woolworths truck in front of Coles sign. Source: Getty Images

The refrigerated truck will deliver fresh produce to Woolworths supermarkets, as the third electric vehicle to join Primary Connect’s fleet.

The electric vehicle trial will be closely monitored over the next few months, according to Acting Managing Director of Primary Connect and Chief Supply Chain Officer of Woolworths Group, Chris Brooks.

“We will be watching the results of this trial closely with Linfox to understand how electric trucks can support our shift to a low carbon future in the years ahead,” he said.

The report states that Woolworths Group is working towards a significant reduction in emissions by 2030, on the path to becoming net carbon positive by 2050.

Supermarket competitor Coles has recently announced it is on track to achieve its 2025 sustainability goal, by securing vital renewable energy contracts.

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