Aldi customer stunned by 'strong chemical' smell of bread: 'Hell no'

An Aldi customer has shared her confusion with fellow shoppers after noticing a strong vinegar smell coming from the bread she purchased from the supermarket.

The shopper took to a popular Facebook page, Aldi Mums, to question whether it was normal for bread to give off a potent smell.

“Is it normal for this bread to have a strong smell?” the woman asked in her post, alongside a photo of the loaf of Baker’s Life white sandwich bread she had bought.

The Queensland shopper explained she wasn’t sure if the smell was typical as she doesn’t usually buy bread from Aldi.

Facebook photos of Baker's Life bread loaf from Aldi and inside the supermarket.
An Aldi customer has shared her confusion after noticing a strong vinegar smell coming from the bread she purchased in-store. Source: Facebook/Aldi

“I don’t normally buy Aldi bread. I grabbed this loaf a few days ago, it’s been in the bread box since, when I opened it [and] it has a strong vinegar/chemical smell to it,” the puzzled shopper wrote.

Fellow Aldi shoppers were quick to respond to the woman on Facebook, with many giving their thoughts in the comments.

“Hell no,” one person replied.

“I buy this bread and never had this type of smell,” said another.

“I buy this every week and it's never had a strong smell. It also lasts us a whole week and doesn't go yuck, stale or mouldy!” a third customer wrote.

An Aldi shopper walks through supermarket aisle with a full shopping basket.
Aldi shoppers shared their thoughts about the bread in the comments. Source: Getty Images

Others simply instructed the Aldi shopper to return the item to the store for a refund as it was clearly spoiled.

Aldi Australia’s return policy states the supermarket will refund or replace any everyday grocery item if a customer is not entirely satisfied with it.

Customers simply need to provide the original receipt or other proof of purchase to any Aldi store to receive a refund on their item.

Several shoppers report same issue with Aldi bread

Surprisingly, several shoppers reported they had experienced the same issue with the Baker’s Life bread they had bought from Aldi.

“I bought it a few times and it had that smell. Never bought bread from there since,” one disgruntled shopper said.

Another shopper wrote: “My loaf from last week was the same. I just tossed it.”

“I have noticed this with all Aldi white bread and wholemeal bread that they sell... smells like nail polish remover even though you can't see any mould [and] this happens after three to four days,” a third shopper agreed.

Bakery worker weighs in on bread debate

Meanwhile, a former bakery worker weighed in to share some of her expertise in the comments, suggesting the bread was “almost mouldy” and the smell was a good indication to throw the loaf away.

“Store bought bread like this one has a stronger smell due to the preservatives used to give it a longer shelf life," the former baker explained.

"When exposed to elements, the preservatives react with the yeast, creating the smell as it turns the bread to a fungus (mould).

A bakery worker wearing hairnet and gloves moves trays of bread.
A former bakery worker weighed in to share some of her expertise in the comments. Source: Getty Images

The former bakery employee suggested in the summer it was best to keep bread in the fridge to prolong its shelf life, rather than a bread bin, which is better for cooler weather.

Eventually, the woman behind the original post confirmed that although the best-before date was the next day, she threw out the bread.

“I threw it out… no visible mould. [The] best before was tomorrow. I normally buy Tip Top bread and have never had this happen with that bread. First and last time I buy Aldi bread,” she concluded.

How to tell if bread has gone bad?

Although store-bought bread always has a best-before or use-by date, this is only an indication of the ballpark timeframe your bread will remain fresh.

Depending on how you store your bread and external factors, such as temperature and humidity, bread may still be safe to eat even after its best-before date.

According to Healthline, the best way to determine whether your bread is fresh or spoiled is by examining the way it looks, smells, feels and tastes.

A good indication that your bread has gone bad is when it’s showing visible mould, which may appear as white, pink, green, or black spots.

Other indicators include an unpleasant odour of chemicals or vinegar, strange taste or hard texture.

Bread is more likely to spoil in warm, moist environments, so it’s always advised to store your bread at room temperature or colder.

However, as we move into summer in Australia, it’s probably best to store your bread in the refrigerator to extend its shelf life – as it will usually last for three to five days longer in the fridge.

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