Aldi shopper raves about team’s help in ‘embarrassing’ situation

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An Aldi shopper has voiced her appreciation of the team at her local Aldi store, following their caring reaction to an "embarrassing" situation in-store.

The woman was doing her grocery shop at the Drewvale Aldi in Brisbane’s outer suburbs, when she found herself in an unfortunate situation.

The shopper shared details of her experience to the 185,100 members of the Aldi Mums Facebook page.

“While packing my groceries on the bench I dropped a bottle of olive oil, I was absolutely mortified and embarrassed,” she said.

Aldi logo and front of store taken from outside. Source: Getty Images
The woman commended a Brisbane Aldi for their team's dedication and great attitude. Source: Getty Images

“Before I could even ask for help, a staff member appeared with a couple of packets of flour to soak up the oil, another arrived soon after with a replacement bottle.”

Above and beyond the team’s quick service, the woman was also pleasantly surprised by their reaction to the situation.

“The only comment the staff had was to ask me if I was alright,” she said.

“They also were really focussed on checking if I got cut from any of the glass pieces flying.”

Water spilled on a store floor with a wet floor sign. Source: Getty Images
The woman was very grateful that the team approached the incident with kindness and care. Source: Getty Images, file photo

She said that although she couldn’t shake the embarrassment of what happened, she was extremely impressed with the way the situation was handled in-store.

“I left the store embarrassed, however, the staff could not have been kinder and I really appreciate how nice they were about it.”

The woman ended her post by claiming that she made a “hell of a mess” and commended the team on their kind and caring nature.

Group reacts to Aldi staffer’s ‘caring’ gesture

The woman’s post, which has received over 700 likes in a matter of hours, has attracted many comments from other Aldi Mums group members.

"Thank you for sharing such a positive, caring post about the staff at your Aldi who are obviously a great bunch of human beings," wrote one person.

"Anyone can have an accident - I'm glad the staff helped you out," commented another.

"I drive past two other Aldi stores just to shop at the Drewvale store because the staff are always so friendly and helpful," said a third.

 A close-up of an Aldi logo on the uniform of an Aldi shop assistant. Source: Getty Images
Group members were delighted to hear of the team's swift and caring reaction to the incident. Source: Getty Images

Another group member shared a similar experience in the comments section, where team members at her local store were also quick to react to an unfortunate situation.

"I dropped a jar of pasta sauce and I was mortified, but quick as a flash someone was sweeping up the glass and cleaning up the sauce and someone else had run to grab another jar," they said.

“I kept apologising but they said not to worry, it happens all the time.”

Aldi Mums share clean-up tips

Other group members have taken to the comments section to discuss the team members’ use of flour in cleaning up the spill.

"That tip with the flour soaking up the oil on the floor is so handy!" one person wrote.

Other group members have also chimed in with alternative uses to handle tricky spills.

"You can also spread salt,” said one group member.

"Kitty litter is also great for oil spills!" wrote another.

Another two dozen comments have commended the Aldi Drewvale store on their “amazing customer service” amid the customer’s unfortunate accident.

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