Woolworths' new trolley initiative praised by shoppers: 'awesome'

Woolworths has impressed TikTok users across the country with their latest video introducing new trolleys made out of a surprising grocery item.

In the viral video, shared on @Woolworths_au official TikTok, Woolworths worker Liam Kirley unveils the new line of recycled trolleys.

“Did you know that these milk cartons can be turned into a trolley?” Liam asks, while pointing to the supermarket fridges filled with hundreds of milk cartons.

“Recycled milk bottles can be turned into these super lightweight and easy-to-manoeuvre trolleys,” he explains.

Stills of Woolworths TikTok video showing recycled trolleys
Woolworths unveils shopping trolleys made from recycled milk cartons. Source: TikTok/@Woolworths_au

Liam motions to the sustainable trolleys, which are emblazoned with the slogan: “Pushing for a greener future.”

So how are Woolworths' new trolleys made?

“It takes 152 two-litre cartons of milk to make one trolley,” says Liam to the camera.

This means that each of the new trolleys diverts exactly 152 plastic milk cartons from the recycling depot or landfill.

The video ends with Liam bending down beside the shopping trolley and saying: “They’re noice, they’re different, they are unusual, they’re nice.”

“So I might take one home. Can I do that?” he asks, before quickly being shut down.

'Awesome' initiative praised by shoppers

Shoppers were quick to praise Woolies in the comments, with users saying the new trolleys were “awesome” and “cool”.

“What a smart way to recycle,” wrote one impressed user.

While another bid adieu to dents in her car from their steel predecessors: “No more dents on my car! Way to go Woolies!”

Woolworths partners with Supercart to make sustainable trolleys

The recycled trolleys were first launched in March 2020 in partnership with Supercart, who manufacture sustainable shopping trolleys in Australia.

According to Supercart, creating each recycled trolley has 47 per cent less climate change potential than steel trolleys.

Supercart Australia Technical Director, Louw van Tonder, said the company is extremely proud to see their shopping trolleys in Woolworths stores.

Person pushes recycled Woolworths trolley filled with vegetables
Woolworths launched their recycled trolleys in partnership with Supercart in March 2020. Source: Woolworths Group

“Woolworths has made a commitment to sustainability, and our shopping trolleys are just a small part of that commitment,” said Mr Tonder.

“Not only will shoppers enjoy the lightweight, greater manoeuvrability and functionality of our trolleys, they will also be part of the solution in saving plastics from our oceans and landfill. That’s what we are committed to."

Woolworths continues to grow greener with sustainability initiatives

Meanwhile, Woolworths has made great strides in growing greener, launching numerous sustainability initiatives in the last month alone.

Last week, the retailer announced a new in-store BYO container scheme as part of their company-wide operation to reduce plastic waste.

Woolies shoppers can fill their container with any meat, deli, or seafood item, provided it is sold by weight. However, foods sold by volume, such as salads, are not eligible for BYO containers.

Following a successful trial at the Crows Nest store in NSW, the initiative is now being trialled in all Tasmanian stores and the West End store in Queensland.

Additionally, Woolworths removed all single-use plastic picnicware from sale in stores nationwide in a bid to eliminate approximately 2.1 million kilograms of plastic each year.

James Hepworth, Woolworths Supermarkets Commercial Director for Everyday Needs, said removing single-use plastic picnicware is the right thing to do for the health of the environment.

“Along with this change, we’re offering customers an extended picnic range of more sustainable options made from materials like sugarcane pulp, bamboo, wood and paper,” said Mr Hepworth.

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