Viral Woolworths trolley hack is EVEN BETTER than first thought

A Woolworths employee has re-shared a viral Woolworths trolley hack revealing there are even more ways to use the time-saving tip.

Back in April 2020, TikTok user @ebonyhit shared a video of herself using the self-serve checkout at a Woolworths store in Australia.

Her video showed how the small shopping trolleys effortlessly slide straight into the self-service checkouts and it quickly went viral.

Woolworths trolley at self service checkout.
A Woolworths shopper has shared the trolley hack that 'blew her away' . Source: Facebook

Her video has since had more than 2.2 million views, with other shoppers also sharing her hack saying it saved them time and made shopping much easier.

Some Woolworths employees were even shocked by the impressive tip, saying they weren’t aware of the hack.

“I work at Woolies at the checkouts and I didn’t know this!” a staff member wrote.

“I’ve worked there for three years and had no idea,” added another.

There's more to the hack

But now it has been revealed there's more to this hack than first thought. The trick not only works on self-serve checkouts but on regular cashier registers too.

Woolworths Sydney employee and viral TikToker Liam Kirley has shared how this hack can be used by anyone using a small trolley on any register.

Taking to the official Woolworths TikTok page, Liam said that if customers want to skip bagging their groceries, they can easily fit the small trolley directly against the cashier registers.

Demonstrating in the video, Liam shows how the trolley effortlessly slides up over the bag collection area.

Woolworths trolley (left) and Liam in video still (right).
Woolworths employee and TikTok star Liam revealed the popular shopping trolley hack can be used on more than just the self-serve registers. Source: TikTok/@woolworths_au

Customers can then move items directly from the register after scanning, straight into their trolley.

“If you want to skip bagging and you have a smaller trolley, these trolleys fit into our registers - just like that,” he explained in a new video called ‘Register hacks part 2’.

“So you can easily put groceries into the trolley.”

The new video has already been viewed more than 40,300 times attracting just over 4,000 likes.

He went on to say that there was a simple way to get through the checkout quickly with large quantities of the same item.

Woolworths trolley near register.
Liam demonstrated exactly how the hack worked on registers in the viral video. Source: TikTok/@woolworths_au

“If you have more than one of the same product, you can put one on the conveyor belt and leave the rest in the trolley,” he explained.

“Just tell our team member how many you have and we’ll put it through at the register.”

Woolies TikTok success

Liam shot to TikTok fame after sharing his own videos while working as a checkout operator at the supermarket giant.

Since then he has become the face of the official Woolworths TikTok page.

In his new role he's shared numerous Woolies shopping tips and tricks as well as a behind-the-scenes look at what happens in store.

One of his latest videos, sharing a relatable customer experience video, gained him more than 131,400 views and 12,300 likes in a matter of days.

Woolworths store front.
Woolworths shoppers can expect to find all sorts of shopping hacks and behind the scenes videos on the store's official TikTok page. Source: Getty Images

The short clip shows a woman lining up to pay for her groceries, before realising she’s forgotten something.

“I forgot my milk, just one minute,” she says, before making a quick dash through the store collecting other items she’d forgotten.

As tense music starts the play, the humorous video shows Liam continuing to scan items slowly as she rushes through the store.

The video sparked an anxiety-filled feeling shoppers know all too well.

“It’s always the one thing I go to Woolies for, I forget and remember halfway through checking out,” one customer commented.

“This always happens to me, runs back for one thing and comes back with like 10,” added another.

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