Video shows woman back into car, but it's what she does next that sparks fury

A NSW driver has been busted on dashcam reversing into a parked car, assessing the damage, then driving off without leaving her details.

After reversing for a fair distance, the woman can be seen backing her Subaru right into the sedan parked behind her.

It is believed the bingle happened outside a school, where a woman and a little boy can be seen in the clip watching in shock as the crash unfolded.

A woman who reversed into another vehicle assesses the damage, but does not leave a note with her details. Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia / Facebook

Like any motorist would do, the driver gets out of her car to assess the damage. But rather than leaving a note with her contact details and insurance information, the woman casually returns to her vehicle and drives off.

The video of the incident, posted on the Facebook page Dash Cam Owners Australia on Saturday, was time-stamped at just after 11am on May 5.

After assessing the damage, the woman gets back into her vehicle. Dash Cam Owners Australia/ Facebook

The woman’s actions angered many who watched the footage, who condemned the hit-and-run.

“Absolutely pathetic that she checked her car pretty well then drove off!” one viewer commented.

Another asked: “Why didn’t she leave a note?”

“It is at a school, you know where school children are, there is one child running two metres away from her!!! She could have easily killed a group of children through this reckless act,” a third added.

She drives off without leaving a note with her contact information. Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia/ Facebook

It wasn’t clear if there was damage to the other vehicle, and some argued perhaps the woman did not leave a note because there may have been no need.

“If there’s no damage then do you need to leave a note?” one asked.

However, others argued she was reversing at enough speed the impact would have caused some damage.

It is not clear if an insurance claim has been raised over the incident.

Yahoo7 has contacted NSW Police for comment.