'She started choking': Mum's horror as dollar coin stuck in girl's throat

A three-year-old Queensland girl has undergone emergency surgery after swallowing a $1 coin that became lodged in her oesophagus.

Bronte Read was flown from Mackay to Townsville by the Royal Flying Doctor Service last week before being rushed into surgery, nearly 30 hours after swallowing the coin.

“Bronte had been carrying the coin around so I immediately knew she had swallowed it,” her mother, Katie Hull said.

“She started choking and vomiting and I rang the ambulance while her father stayed with her.”

The coin became lodged in Bronte’s oesophagus

Surgeons eventually managed to push the coin into Bronte’s stomach so it was easier to remove.

Her anxious mother is sharing her story to remind parents and carers to be vigilant with small objects, emphasising just how dangerous they can be.

“I do not want another family to go through what we have in the last week,” Ms Hull added.

“I have always been watchful of small objects but it only takes one time. She is the bravest, strongest little girl I know.

Little Bronte is all smiles after undergoing emergency surgery last week. Source: Supplied

“She is now doing really well and has to stay on some medication to help with reflux caused from the trauma of using forceps to move the coin.”

Once discharged, the bubbly youngster was treated to a trip to Townsville’s big toy store.