The truth behind woman’s viral McDonald’s drive-thru ‘revenge’

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

The truth behind a woman’s seemingly masterful revenge plan on an impatient “young lady” in a McDonald’s drive-thru has been revealed.

A viral post documented an uncomfortable series of events that supposedly unfolded in a McDonald’s drive-thru, where a girl honked her horn at a lady ahead of her for taking too long to order.

The post detailed how instead of taking the “high road”, the driver in front paid for both her meal and that of the driver behind, but then proceeded to collect them both at the final window.

This post was most recently shared by a woman to a Canberra community group. Source: Twitter

The gesture – fictional or not – initially seemed sweet but was revealed to be part of a grander scheme to get the rude driver “to go back to the end of the queue and start all over again”.

Facebook post not as it seems

The antics depicted in the post attracted a massive response after being shared to Facebook and Twitter, with many applauding the person behind it.

“It’s so petty ... so incredibly petty ... it made me laugh like a drain,” a woman who uploaded a screenshot of the post to Twitter wrote.

“I had to read this a few times, picture the scene, and the glory. A triumphant win,” someone else said.

The post depicts an apparent feud in a McDonald's drive-thru. Source: Google Maps

Others were more critical of the driver’s supposed behaviour, labelling it “bitchy” and the “lowest of low”.

“Funny – but not good. Like the old saying, two wrongs don't make a right,” one wrote.

Hundreds marvelled at the seemingly perfectly executed revenge plan – not knowing that its latest author, a woman from Canberra, actually pinched it from a friend in Ireland years ago.

She told Yahoo News Australia she shared it simply to “give people a laugh and a change from the hate and violence being spread”.

“It’s been going around for years,” she said.

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