Two dogs die in hot car while owner attends canine-training lesson

Two dogs have died in a hot car while their owner received training to become a dog trainer.

Tom Rose – from the Tom Rose School in St Louis in the US state of Missouri – told the St Louis Post-Dispatch the deaths were the result of a “terrible accident”.

The owner left her car running, with the air-conditioner on high, while she was inside for the lecture, which went for about 90 minutes, on Wednesday, a day when the high temperature topped 32 degrees.

A stock image of a black Labrador looking out a car window. Two dogs have died in a hot car after their St Louis owner left them to attend a canine-training lesson.
Two dogs have died after being stuck in a hot car. Source: Getty Images, file

Mr Rose said the car quit running without the owner knowing it. By the time she got outside the dogs — a Labrador retriever and a German shepherd — were dead.

He added the car may have run out of fuel.

“It was just a terrible accident,” Mr Rose said.

“The owner of the dogs was incoherent. It’s a horrible thing and she was so upset.”

Mr Rose said police weren’t notified because “there was no negligence involved”.

RSPCA NSW has urged pet owners to not leave dogs unattended in cars and ensure pets have constant access to water and shade as heat stress can develop in just six minutes in hot weather.

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