Desperate dog owner's question after attack on puppy sparks fierce debate

An upset pet owner whose puppy was bitten by two other dogs while on a walk has sparked debate among a local Facebook group after proposing he may carry a weapon to prevent future attacks.

The man was taking his nine-month-old pup for a walk on Sunday in Bradbury, near Campbelltown in NSW, when two Staffordshire bull terriers ran over and attacked him.

Fortunately the puppy only sustained minor injuries, but his worried owner fears the incident might provoke aggressive behaviour with other dogs he encounters on future walks.

The owner put the polarising question of whether to now carry a weapon while dog walking to a Facebook group, sparking a fiery debate between hundreds of social media users.

The puppy sustained a small wound on his neck (pictured). Source: Facebook
The puppy sustained a small wound on his neck (pictured). Source: Facebook

When he put the question of whether to carry a stick as a weapon on future walks to the Facebook Group he received over 200 comments.

Many suggested the man carry something with a little bigger velocity than a stick, with a machete, cattle prod and can of wasp spray just a few ideas offered.

Many condoned the use of a stick, bat or tennis racket to beat away any dog that approached, while most slammed the owner of aggressive dogs who opted not to keep their animals on a leash.

Someone suggested the owner buy a vest or item of clothing for their dog that covers their body to wear on walks, and to carry a spray can each time they leave the house.

“I’d be carrying a big ass stick if it was me. This is why I don’t take my girl for walks too far now,” another said.

The dogs also wounded the puppy's waist. Source: Facebook
The dogs also wounded the puppy's waist. Source: Facebook

One person recommended carrying a “large golf umbrella” for both self defence and rain coverage.

Some said the puppy was unlikely to develop dog aggression if it was socialised with friendly, non-aggressive dogs.

A dog owner said they now avoided parks completely, describing them a “recipe for disaster”.

“My dogs have been targeted three times by other dogs unleashed,” they wrote.

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