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Detail in Sydney rental slammed as 'hygiene disaster waiting to happen'

A slip in the shower could be 'devastating' for whoever moves into this Sydney studio apartment.

A real estate listing in Sydney’s inner west has been flushed down the gurgler after one desperate house hunter made a somewhat startling discovery.

“I’m not a plumber but I feel like this idea for a bathroom is a hygiene disaster waiting to happen,” they wrote online beside a series of photos of the $380-a-week apartment in Newtown.

The first image reveals a narrow tiled bathroom with a white sink and cream toilet. But it’s what’s in between that has left house hunters a bit stunned.

The bathroom of the Wilson Street studio in Newtown.
A video posted online of the studio unit on Wilson Street in Newtown revealed a bathroom with a shower between the sink and toilet. Source: All Homes

“I have never seen a bathroom which is designed in a matchbox shape with the sink then shower then toilet in that order, and without shower curtains in between,” the Reddit poster said.

‘Slipping in the shower could be devastating’

The post has since gone viral with hundreds of users responding and leaving a comment.

“Think of where the run-off is gonna go,” one person said. “I think the toilet paper getting wet would be my biggest annoyance here,” said another.

“I’d hate to slip in that shower,” someone else wrote. “Landing wrong on the sink or toilet could be devastating.”

While another joked that it was “the kind of bathroom you build in The Sims when you don’t have any space or money”.

But others said they were “more concerned about the garden tap in the kitchen”.

In another image shared by the poster, a tiny kitchenette is pictured. Over the small sink is a single tap with a single handle.

“Screams to me that this was a remodelled laundry or something with the walls slapped down in order to rent it out to unsuspecting students,” one person said. “Not 100 per cent sure about that tap being properly fitted with the right pipes.”

The kitchen (left) and living space (right).
Other Reddit users said they were more concerned with the 'garden tap' in the kitchen. Source: All Homes

Listing boasts of ‘modern bathroom’

According to the real estate listing, apartment six is one of six “self-contained” studio units inside the Wilson Street property that offers “affordable living in one of the inner west’s most prominent suburbs”.

Ranging in price from $320 to $380 per week, features include fresh paint, new carpet throughout and a “modern bathroom”.

But a video tour of the apartment block reveals a very different picture with studio five boasting the same shower set up as unit six. While apartments three and four at least have the shower on the far side of the room, there’s no separation to stop water running across the tiles.

The outside of the Wilson Street in Newtown.
All six studio units in the Wilson Street property have now been leased. Source: All Homes

Meantime the bathrooms for apartment one and two can be found outside at the rear of the property, alongside an external laundry.

Despite the concerns all six apartments have now been leased.

Yahoo News Australia reached out to the real estate agency on Wednesday who did not respond to requests for comment by Thursday morning.

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