Rental's 'interesting' bathroom divides opinion – so could you live there?

A photo of an empty apartment has left the internet divided over an unlikely feature off the main living area.

The one-bedroom property was recently put up for rent in the Canadian city of Vancouver with a $2,500 a month price tag.

But that’s if you can look past one frosty blunder.

“Apartment hunting is proving interesting,” reddit user Earth_worm_Jimbo wrote online.

“Who would want this?”

The one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver, Canada
The photo of the one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver, Canada has spilt the internet. Source: reddit

In the post – that has since received more than 1,200 comments and 4,000 reactions – many were quick to point out the flaw.

“Wow the bathroom,” one person wrote. “Everyone can see you sit on the pot!”

A closer inspection of the image reveals more than just a modern looking apartment.

Besides the fridge, internal laundry, wooden flooring and large living space, the photo captures the entry to the bathroom.

Behind a door and wall of frosted glass a toilet and bathroom sink lies in clear view.

“Even with the glass frosted, you can still see the toilet,” one person wrote.

“There’s nothing sexier then watching your hot date take a dump,” another said.

While the majority of users claimed they would be happy to overlook the lack of privacy.

“A washer and dryer?” one person wrote. “I’d s**t in the living room if I can wash my clothes in my own home.”

“Looks nicer than most rentals I’ve looked at,” another said.

“Still don’t see what’s wrong with it,” someone else added. “How self-conscious or insecure can you be that you can’t use the toilet in your own apartment just because it has frosted glass?”

Peoples comments on reddit
Many reddit users said they would be willing to overlook the frosted glass. Source: reddit

Others were quick to look for solutions.

“I’d just replace the doors,” someone offered.

While another suggested that “the bathroom can just be hidden with a curtain.”

But for those who live by themselves, they didn’t see the problem.

“If you live there alone, who cares?”

And if you don’t?

“You can continue your conversations uninterrupted,” one person said.

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