Detail in advert featuring Aussie icon called out: 'Shameless'

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It's an iconic attraction in Perth and high up on the list of tourists' go-to landmarks.

And while nearly all Western Australians could identify the Crawley Edge Boat Shed from a photo, it seems one company is banking on the rest of the world being unable to.

In a photo from a store in the Netherlands shared by satirical community page The Bell Tower Times, the famous blue shed features on an advert for watchmaker Danish Design.

"Inspired by Scandinavia," the advert's slogan reads.

The Crawley Edge Boat Shed was built in the 1930s – but not in Scandinavia. Source: Ryan W via The Bell Tower Times/ Facebook
The Crawley Edge Boat Shed was built in the 1930s – but not in Scandinavia. Source: Ryan W via The Bell Tower Times/ Facebook

And while the Crawley Edge Boat Shed looks like it could have been plucked straight from an idyllic settlement on the northern reaches of the Norwegian Sea, Aussies were less than impressed with the deceptive advertising.

"What they couldn't find a blue timber boatshed of their own anywhere in the many Scandinavian countries?" one person asked.

"This shameless Perf cultural appropriation had to be exposed," another joked.

"The audacity," one person said.

"What's this about then? Did they photoshop out the Aussie flag and the number plaque? How very rude!" another proclaimed.

Yahoo News has contacted Danish Design for comment regarding the promotional material.

Crawley Edge Boat Shed an major Instagram draw

The boatshed has become a major social media attraction in recent years with Instagram users flocking to the site for the perfect photo.

The influx in snap-happy visitors forced Perth council to shell out $400,000 on a set of new public toilets to cater for the growing crowds.

Visitors can wait over half an hour to get their picture at the site at peak visiting hours, which is also popular for wedding photos.

While Manchester United are arguably the biggest football club on the planet, it didn't stop the criticism rolling in when they turned the boatshed's iconic blue to red in a promotional stunt for their 2019 tour Down Under.

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