Shameless P-plate driver overtakes cars stopped at red light and forces their way onto busy road

An impatient P-plate driver’s reckless actions have been caught on camera, showing them breaking numerous road rules to skip traffic.

The incident was recorded on a dashboard camera in Strathfield, in Sydney’s inner west, as traffic starts to build up at a turn-off onto Parramatta Road.

The brazen driver of the white Range Rover crosses double lines to overtake traffic and tries to re-join the queue in front of the car with the dashcam.

The driver attempts to push in after overtaking on double lines. Source: Ray Hadley Morning Show

But after just a few seconds of waiting, the driver decides to once again take matters into their own hands and pulls back onto the wrong side of the road to jump the line.

The car makes it all the way to the front of the line and hesitates only briefly before ignoring traffic lights and pulling out between cars on busy Parramatta Road.

Fortunately, no cars turned into the street during the Range Rover’s dangerous stunt.

After a few seconds, the driver pulls back onto the wrong side of the road to jump the queue. Source: Ray Hadley Morning Show

Last month, another P-plater copped criticism online after pulling out in front of a truck in Melbourne’s southeast before being rear-ended.

Another young driver was caught on camera trying to perform a U-turn into three lanes of oncoming traffic on a busy motorway.

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