Dashcam captures high-speed crash after P-plater's crazy move

A P-plater has copped online criticism after pulling out in front of a truck in Melbourne’s southeast before being rear-ended.

Video shared on Dash Cam Owners Australia’s Facebook page shows the moment the car gets smashed on what is believed to be Frankston-Dandenong Road, Carrum Downs on Wednesday last week.

The road has a speed limit of 100km/h. The truck is travelling in the right lane when a blue Kia Rio driven by a P-plater pulls out onto the road.

The Kia Rio enters the road and turns into the right lane. Source: Facebook/ Dash Cam Owners Australia

However, instead of entering in the left lane the p-plater enters in the right lane.

Since the car has entered the road at a lower speed the truck runs into the back of the Kia, smashing it onto the grass where it skids for a few metres.

Both vehicles then come to a stop.

The video has been viewed more than 139,000 times with viewers unanimous the driver was at fault.

The car gets rear-ended and knocked off the road. Source: Facebook/ Dash Cam Owners Australia

“Two lanes and he pulls out in front of a fast-moving truck?” one woman wrote.

“Hand your licence back.”

One man wrote the truck driver shouldn’t be blamed and it was “completely the driver’s fault”. The video shows there was also a truck in the left lane.

People agreed the driver should have entered the road in the left lane.

The Kia skids before coming to a stop. Source: Facebook/ Dash Cam Owners Australia

“Please be mindful of sticking to the left lane when blazing out onto a main road in your super charged shopping trolley,” one man wrote. 

Some even praised the truck driver. 

“Bloody idiot shouldn’t have a license if they’re going to be that stupid behind the wheel,” one man wrote. 

“Truck driver did well to not have a catastrophic incident happen.”

Meanwhile in Melbourne trucks have been banned from a city road used by cyclists.

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