Revealed: Top 10 most common lottery winner names

It turns out being a Karen could be lucky after all, with the name listed among the top three luckiest in Australia when it comes to winning the lottery.

According to winning data by Australian operator The Lottery Office, which sells tickets in US lotteries, players named Peter and Jennifer have taken home the highest number of total unique wins.

Players named Michael and David took out second and third place for the luckiest male names, while players named Karen and Maria sat in the top three for female lottery winners.

Middle aged couple celebrate lottery win looking at laptop. Source: Getty Images
The name Karen has been revealed as among the top three luckiest names for lottery winners in Australia. Source: Getty Images

The Lottery Office CEO Jaclyn Wood said that players with the luckiest names might want to try their luck at adding the multiplier option.

“If you are feeling lucky, a few extra dollars to multiply your potential winnings can deliver a significant return,” said Ms Wood.

“I know Karens have had a bad run of late, so this is a bit of a silver lining for those blessed with the name.

"Hopefully, it will go some way to combating the stigma - when it comes to The Lottery Office being a Karen can be a great thing."

Other male names that topped the list included Paul, Robert, Ross, John, Mark, Chris and Steve.

Meanwhile, female names that scored the most wins included Emma, Michelle, Lorraine, Yasmin, Rachel, Susan and Amanda.

Female lottery winner excitedly looks at her laptop. Source: Getty Images
The list of the luckiest first names when it comes to winnig the lottery has been revealed. Source: Getty Images

The Lott unveil top initials and age groups of winners

The Lott has also revealed the first name initials and age groups of players who took out the most division one wins across all lottery games in 2020.

From their data it seems the Joshuas, Ashleys and Daniels of Australia might be the luckiest people in the country, as it shows that people with the initials J, A and D took home over a quarter of all division one lottery wins last year.

Hand holds OzLotto ticket in front of a marina. Source: The Lott
The Lott has revealed the luckiest lottery first name initials and age groups in 2020. Source: The Lott

Some of the unluckiest names were those starting with X and U, as they took home zero jackpots, while there was only one division one win each for players with the first name initial O, Q, and Y.

When it came to the luckiest age groups, it was players in their sixties who had the most lottery success in 2020 – accounting for over a quarter of division one wins.

These lucky Boomers were followed by players in their forties who scored 21.43 per cent of major lottery wins last year.

The Lott spokesperson Lauren Cooney said only time would tell if these winning groups would snare a division one prize in the weeks and months ahead.

“It’s always interesting to look at the trends that emerge from division one data and create a profile of our major lottery winners,” said Ms Cooney.

“If your first name starts with a J and you’re in your sixties, 2020 may have been the year for you. But even if you’re a Xander in your 20s, don’t despair as we see lottery winners across Australia, across all adult age groups and with all sorts of names!” she added.

However, Ms Cooney went on to say that it’s important to remember that lotteries are a game of chance, so players should take this data with a grain of salt.

She said that regardless of your initials or age, having an entry gives you the best chance of winning.

Whether you’re a Jessica in your sixties, or a Karen in your fifties, there are more chances to win.

Tonight’s OzLotto draw is offering $5 million, while Thursday’s Powerball has $20 million up for grabs.

Tickets can be purchased at any licensed lottery outlet, online from or via The Lott mobile app.

If gambling is a problem for you go to Gambling Help Online or call 1800 858 858.

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