$60m Powerball: 'Hot' and 'cold' numbers revealed

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With one-in-six Aussies expected to have their hands on a ticket for tomorrow’s $60 million Powerball draw, new information has emerged which may help you to pick your winning numbers.

Although there is no "secret" to winning the Powerball, as numbers are picked from the barrel at random, new data has revealed the “hot” numbers which have come up in draws most often and the “cold” numbers which have come up the least.

“While Powerball is a game of chance, and every number has an equal chance of being drawn, some numbers have been drawn more often than others,” said The Lott spokesperson, Matt Hart.

Lottery player holds up winning Powerball ticket. Source: The Lott
The Powerball's 'hot' and 'cold' numbers have been revealed. Source: The Lott

Mr Hart said that those choosing their numbers for their Powerball entries might want to consider trying their luck with “hot and cold numbers”.

“But will these ‘hot’ numbers make an appearance this week, or is it time for the ‘cold’ numbers to shine?” asked Mr Hart, leaving the answer open for hopeful players.

‘Hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers: To play, or not to play?

From the new data released by Powerball, the “hot” numbers in the main barrel are 17 and seven, which have been drawn 49 times and 43 times during the past three years.

However, for the separate Powerball barrel, where a single Powerball number between one and 20 is drawn, the “hot” numbers are 19 and 13, which have been drawn over 10 times each.

Meanwhile, when it comes to “cold” numbers, or the numbers drawn less frequently, Powerball indicates that the numbers 34, 15, 18, 16 and eight have been drawn the least amount of times during the past three years.

A hand chooses a number out of a pile of numbered Powerball balls. Source: The Lott
Powerball is a game of chance, but experts have revealed the most frequently drawn numbers over the last three years. Source: The Lott

Whether you believe in the dark art of “hot” and “cold” numbers, or want to just leave it in the hands of an almighty computer with QuickPicks, the only thing players can know for certain is that without a ticket you can’t win – and it’s hard to argue with $60 million.

So far in 2021, the Powerball has crowned 18 multi-millionaires from nine division one winning entries that have left players more than $339.7 million richer.

Thursday night’s $60 million Powerball jackpot is the second biggest offered by any Australian lottery game so far this year, so just how can you maximise your chance of winning?

Experts tips to win the lottery

According to The Lottery Office CEO Jaclyn Wood, the best way to increase your chances of winning the lottery is to buy more games; the more games, the more chances to win. But that will cost you. 

Tickets to Thursday's Powerball will cost from $7.30 for six games with QuickPick, $24.30 for one game with PowerHit, $9.70 for one game with a System entry and up to $60.60 for 50 games with either a Standard or QuickPick entry.

Ms Wood went on to say that players shouldn’t overthink their numbers to “avoid falling into superstitious thinking".

“Numbers are drawn at random in all lotteries, so picking numbers based on birthdays and dates is not going to increase your chance of winning,” she said.

She also said that joining a lottery syndicate is the most cost-effective way to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot – as it’s widely known that 20 per cent of all lottery jackpots are won by syndicates.

This was certainly the case for the previous $60 million Powerball draw this year, which was won by 10 members of a Townsville syndicate who pocketed $6 million each.

“Ultimately, the more tickets you buy in a single draw, the more likely one of them is a winner, but there’s no promise that the cost of playing will be fully compensated, so my recommendation for players hungry for a win is to join a syndicate team,” said Ms Wood.

The $60 million Powerball draw will take place on Thursday, August 5, 2021 at 7.30pm. For your chance to win, purchase a ticket at any licensed lottery outlet, online from The Lott or via The Lott mobile app.

If gambling is a problem for you go to Gambling Help Online or call 1800 858 858.

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