Powerball $80m jackpot: Most profitable numbers revealed

With $80 million up for grabs in Thursday night’s Powerball draw, many Aussies would be keen to know which numbers have been most profitable for previous winners.

It’s expected that one-in-four Australians will have an entry to this week’s $80 million draw - which marks the eighth time in the game’s 25-year history that a jackpot of this size has been on offer.

“This is the equal biggest lottery jackpot we’ve seen in Australia so far this year, so we’re expecting keen interest,” said The Lott spokesperson Matt Hart.

white powerball sits atop group of blue powerballs
Oz Lotteries reveals the most profitable numbers ahead of the $80 million Powerball draw. Source: The Lott

Mr Hart explained that if one player takes home the multimillion-dollar prize, they will not only be the biggest Australian lottery winner of 2021, but they will also be crowned the third-biggest Lotto winner in Australian history.

So, are there any ways you can increase your chances of snagging a huge prize?

Pick more profitable numbers

According to Oz Lotteries, some numbers are “statistically more profitable than others” when they win.

The simple reason for this being that some numbers are less popular than others, so you’re less likely to have to share your winnings and will take home a larger dividend.

From their data, Oz Lotteries were able to reveal the most profitable numbers, or the numbers that resulted in larger dividends. These numbers include: 31, 26, 4, 13, 33, 27 and 18.

Meanwhile, the least profitable numbers, or the numbers with the smallest prizes, include 9, 14, 24, 25, 34, 15 and 29.

Mr Hart says players should consider how they interpret the game’s "hot" and "cold" numbers.

Women celebrate Powerball jackpot win.
Matt Hart from The Lott has revealed 'hot' and 'cold' numbers for Aussie Powerball players. Source: The Lott

“While Powerball is a game of chance, and every number has an equal chance of being drawn, some numbers have been drawn more often than others,” said Mr Hart.

He then posed the question: “But will these ‘hot’ numbers make an appearance this week, or is it time for the ‘cold’ numbers to shine?”

Lotto expert unveils ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers

Despite being a random game of chance, The Lott’s data shows that the "hot" numbers from the main barrel of previous Powerball draws include 17 and 7, which have been drawn 49 and 43 times in the past three years.

The Lott also revealed that for the separate Powerball barrel, there are two numbers that have been drawn more than any other during the past three years, which are 19 and 3. Both numbers have been drawn more than 10 times each.

However, for those who would like to take their chance with "cold" winning numbers, then lottery data indicates you should opt for the numbers 34, 15, 18, 16 and 8.

The $80 million Powerball draw 1317 will take place on Thursday, August 12.

For your chance to win, purchase a ticket at any licensed lottery outlet, online from The Lott or via The Lott mobile app.

If gambling is a problem for you go to Gambling Help Online or call 1800 858 858.

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