New resident infuriates locals after complaint about parking

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A NSW Central Coast resident has infuriated other locals with a gripe he had about neighbours parking on the grass across from his home.

The new neighbour allegedly bombarded the council with "pages of correspondence" within weeks of moving in. Council subsequently carried out works across the road from his house and some angry locals are now accusing him of wasting ratepayers' money.

The space in question, believed to be in the Killarney Vale area, is public land. Many argued he doesn't have the right to demand people stop using the space.

Some questioned the man's motives for wanting the strip free of cars, suggesting he strived for an uninterrupted view of the water from his home.

"As the Central Coast struggles to get potholes filled that are large enough to swim in or plant a tree in, here is a classic waste of ratepayers’ money," one furious local wrote on Facebook.

Photo of Killarney Vale street with sandstone blocks on side of road.
Killarney Vale residents fumed after sandstone blocks were introduced on this residential road. Source: Facebook

Residents defend public property

The woman on Facebook said the new neighbour claimed the cars made it hard for him to get out of his driveway, which would appear to be several metres away on the opposite side of the road.

The angry resident shared a photo of the street in question which now has large sandstone blocks running along one side of the road.

Their purpose is to prohibit people from parking on the grass and it has left some residents fuming.

"The only reason he didn't want cars to park there was because he was selfish and wanted nothing to interrupt his view," one said.

"People should be free to park in their own street. They are public parking spaces you moron," a second fumed.

One questioned why people couldn't park there if they wanted to go fishing.

"It’s a lake for the public, not his private lake," they said.

The woman claimed in her Facebook post the new blocks are "entirely due" to the man's consistent complaints.

The fuming local called on the man to “go back to your w**ky northern beaches mates".

"We don't need people like him on the coast," she said.

Central Coast Council explains reason for stone blocks

But a Central Coast Council spokesperson said the blocks were installed to replace a fence damaged in the floods, pictured below, and to prevent cars damaging the grass.

"The fence could not be replaced in its previous form, due to underground infrastructure, so sandstone blocks were used," a Council spokesperson said.

"A fence barrier was deemed necessary to reinstall due to complaints about antisocial behaviour and damage to the grass surface."

Residential street Lucinda Avenue in Killarney Vale with park and lake view.
The sandstone blocks replaced a fence (pictured) that had been ruined by the recent floods. Source: Google Map

Hundreds had shared their thoughts on the Facebook complaint with many also highlighting the pothole issue in the area.

"Surely someone higher up can make the council fill in the potholes. It’s disgraceful and an embarrassment to the local council," one said.

Some took a swipe at the potential cost involved in using sandstone, which could have been better used elsewhere.

"Could have used those sandstone blocks as seats in parks. Waste of money. Not cheap either," one said.

Others said the new blocks would do little to dissuade people from parking there.

"Can't see no parking signs...just park next to them," one said.

It's unknown whether parking was permitted by council before the blocks went in, or if parking next to the stone blocks on the road is allowed now.

Others said the reason for the blocks may be less sinister and noted other parts of the Central Coast had the same blocks.

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