'Confusing' road rule quiz leaves drivers baffled

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A motoring body has been forced to give road users a refresher after many were left baffled and confused by a recent road rule quiz.

The RACQ posed a question to drivers on its Facebook page, asking which car could legally cross a solid white line on a road.

The question accompanied a picture of an orange truck attempting to turn right across a solid line into a street, a blue car turning right across a solid line into a driveway, a green car indicating to turn right across broken lines into a car park and a yellow car attempting to turn right out of a car park across a solid line.

The RACQ gave drivers the options as to who could legally turn:

A) Only blue, green and yellow

B) Only green

C) None, all are illegal

D) All vehicles can turn legally

Drivers were divided by what each car was allowed to do, with some suggesting only the green car could turn, while others said they were all in the wrong.

“You cannot cross a straight white line, it’s the law,” one said.

“B, it is the only turn that is on a broken line, all others turn against a solid line (illegal),” another said.

“Time to design a less confusing and therefore safer intersection,” a third added.

RACQ left drivers scratching their head after asking which car could legally turn. Source: RACQ
RACQ left drivers scratching their head after asking which car could legally turn. Source: RACQ

Another said the truck could not legally turn because it was entering another road.

While most debated whether the answer was B or D, RACQ confirmed it was legal for all vehicles to make their turns.

“A driver can cross a single continuous dividing line if they’re entering or leaving the road, for example if they’re turning to enter a side street, a driveway or a carpark,” RACQ spokeswoman Clare Hunter said in a statement.

“You can’t cross a single continuous centre line to overtake or do a U-turn. In this scenario the yellow vehicle turning out of the carpark would also be required to give way to the green vehicle on the road.

“The quiz was a tricky one, but it shows no matter how long you’ve been behind the wheel, you should regularly brush up on your road rules.”

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