Shocking moment postman kicks dog while delivering parcel

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Shocking camera footage has captured the moment a postman appears to kick a family dog, sending it flying off the driveway.

The Royal Mail worker was delivering a parcel to a family in Greater Manchester in England when the incident occurred, which left a young girl in tears.

The horrific incident was caught by the family's doorbell camera and captured the postman approaching the front door with a package last month.

The Royal Mail postman appears to kick the family dog while delivering the mail.  Source: Manchester Evening News
The Royal Mail postman appears to kick the family dog while delivering the mail. Source: Manchester Evening News

He appears to hand over the mail to the young girl who answered the door as the small family dog ran toward him, barking.

In a split second, the mailman appears to kick the animal with force sending it skidding across the bitumen. The pup appears to whimper as it dashes off, and the postman just walks away.

The young girl's mum – who was hanging washing at the time – said her daughter was left in tears.

The woman has since reported the incident to Royal Mail, UK's national mail service.

"My daughter was very upset. She was crying her eyes out and she's not an emotional kid," she told Manchester Evening News.

"My dog is terrified of going to the door and when the doorbell goes, he wets himself and is visibly shaking," she added, claiming the incident left him traumatised.

In a letter seen by the Manchester Evening News, Royal Mail apologised for the upset caused but pointed out that on average 33 Royal Mail staff were attacked by dogs every week.

They said such injuries range from "small nips, through to life-changing injuries on friends at work".

"Royal Mail staff are family people, with cats, dogs and other pets and we fully appreciate what a huge part of a home they are," the letter read.

"We employ an absolute AVOID policy, whereby mail is returned to the office for a safe attempt delivery should any loose animals or pets be looking to what they see as defending their family, or space."

An increase in dog attacks on Australia Post workers

Australia Post workers also face dog attacks on a regular basis, and earlier this month, there had been more than 1170 incidents involving a dog and an Australia Post postie.

Following an increase in dog attacks, Australia Post shared confronting footage of what some posties are up against while out delivering mail.

Most incidents have taken place in NSW, Queensland and Western Australia and the attacks not only happen at the front door, letterbox or front yard but also on the footpath or road.

"I'm a little bit more wary and that's hard for me because I love dogs, but you just have to treat them all as a potential danger," one postman said, who was recently attacked while doing his job.

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