Australia Post parcel containing $2000 cards arrives crushed: 'I feel sick'

An Australia Post customer has blasted the service after his expensive parcel arrived damaged with its contents entirely exposed.

The man had ordered a selection of rare Pokemon collector cards he said were worth $2000 but when they arrived at his house he feared they were destroyed.

"Honestly just look at this box. It looks like they've literally played football with it," he said in a video shared on TikTok showing the crushed box.

Two pictures showing the crushed state of the Australia Post box after it was received by the customer.
The Australia Post box was crushed and open, exposing the contents inside. Source: TikTok

The thought of his rare cards being damaged made him "feel sick", he said, as he carefully unpacked the parcel.

"This is how my $2000 package arrived at my front door. It contains some really rare Pokemon cards and I'm just hoping they're still intact," he explained in the video.

"I'm going to film this for insurance purposes, if the cards are damaged I'm definitely going to be asking for a refund."

To his relief, the cards were generously wrapped in bubble wrap to protect them during transport.

And while he said the cards "look ok" at first glance, he did spot a crack on the back of one pack.

People slam Australia Post

People were quick to slam Australia Post in the comments with many unable to believe the damage caused to the parcel.

"I would still complain to them about the condition of the package," one fumed.

"I can’t believe that’s how they left them," said another.

Others suggested lodging a complaint with Auspost even if the Pokeman cards remained undamaged as the package itself shouldn't have been destroyed.

"Even if the cards weren't damaged you could make a complaint and still get a refund," one said.

"Auspost are going through delays and problems right now I believe," another pointed out.

The damaged Australia Post package left, and right the rare Pokemon cards with a crack on the back of the pack.
The damaged Australia Post package contained rare Pokemon cards worth $2000

Australia Post apologises for condition of parcel

Australia Post told Yahoo News Australia their drivers and posties are working hard at delivering a record number of parcels.

"While the vast majority make it to their destinations safely, something has clearly gone wrong here, and we apologise and will reach out to the customer," an Australia Post spokesperson said.

"We also encourage customers to contact us directly on 13POST or via if they have concerns about a delivery so we can provide help and support."

Others shared issues with Australia Post parcels.

There have been a string of complaints in recent months from Australia Post customers who say their packages have arrived damaged, or not at all with cases where items have gone missing entirely.

One customer was left in tears after her ‘irreplaceable’ items were destroyed in transit despite being safely and accurately packaged by herself.

"These books are irreplaceable, it doesn’t matter who is responsible, no amount of compensation will be enough," she said.

Meanwhile, another woman waited two whole months for her package to arrive, and when it did it was ruined.

The woman told Yahoo News Australia that despite her package’s appearance, the contents of the box were still in working order.

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