Australia Post savaged after customers accused of 'ridiculous' complaints

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A delivery driver's comments about opting to leave a collection card instead of a parcel has ignited a fiery discussion amongst Australia Post customers.

“I just found out that one of our drivers in my company got a complaint that the recipients were home,” the man posted in the Australia Post Complaints Facebook group.

“So please note, we leave a card if there's a gate or dogs in the yard. We don't go into the yard due to safety concerns,” he said.

“Some complaints are so ridiculous - is he meant to get eaten by the dog?”

Australia Post postman delivering mail on a moped bike
Australia Post delivery drivers delivered 2 million parcels per day in December, but not everyone is happy with their service. Source: Getty Images

The post, which appeared to the group’s 9,400 members on Friday, attracted dozens of comments from unhappy customers before it was later deleted.

“I’ve had a card left even though I’ve been home and there was no knock on the door,” one group member responded. “My driver apparently complained about my dog, which is behind a big gate, and all she did was bark - seriously?”

“I’ve had a postie not knock because he was scared of my Jack Russell - it’s not a German Shepherd,” added another.

“I don’t have a gate, my driveway is level and I’ve even been standing out the front just to see them sticking a card in my letterbox - explain that,” said a fourth.

Delivery cards have long been a point of contention amongst Australia Post customers, with a Melbourne couple recently winning a lawsuit against the postal giant. Their postie allegedly refused delivery of their parcels for over a year, instead leaving cards.

'Eye watering' incident sheds light on postie fears

One Facebook user's comment has shed some light on why posties and dogs are considered incompatible.

Taking to the postie’s defence, the group member stated that an incident involving their local delivery driver shows how dogs can be a hazard.

“In a truly eye watering incident, our local postie had his manhood ‘de-gloved’ by a cavoodle that was behind a locked door,” the person wrote.

“Not that that is a reason to not knock, but it might give you an idea of why some posties are hesitant.”

Beware of dog sign above letter box on red front gate of house
The delivery driver urged members of Facebook group Australia Post Complaints to leave notes for their posties if needed. Source: Getty Images

The delivery driver stated that he delivers to hundreds of houses per day, and rarely opts to leave a card.

“But there are reasons why we aren’t allowed to go inside the gate,” he added.

"Many drivers have been bitten by dogs in the past and we’ve had complaints that dogs have chewed packages that we’ve left as well.”

When asked if dog size is a factor when posties opt to avoid entering a property, the postie clarified that it’s at the driver’s discretion.

“Usually I’ll go in if it’s only a little dog and if there’s somewhere safe at the front door where a dog can’t chew a parcel to shreds,” he said.

Australia Post reveals shocking dog attack statistic

A spokesperson from Australia Post has shared a shocking statistic with Yahoo News in response to the comments made posted in the Facebook group.

“Safety is our number one priority at Australia Post but each year too many of our people are injured by unsecured dogs,” the spokesperson said.

“Every workday last financial year at least three posties, drivers or delivery contractors were attacked by dogs when delivering letters and parcels in our community.”

Australia post delivery truck at The Rocks street. Sydney, NSW, Australia. Source: Getty Images
Australia Post customers have the option to utilise 24/7 parcel lockers if they wish. Source: Getty Images

An ex-contractor has previously made explosive allegations that posties are paid per parcel, which some posties choose to bolster by leaving as many cards as possible; however the Australia Post spokesperson has clarified postie expectations with Yahoo News.

“While our people are instructed to knock at the door and call out before carding a parcel for collection at the post office, sometimes our people will leave a card without knocking due to access or safety issues, such as an off-leash dog, and this could occur even when the customer is home,” the spokesperson said.

“Customers with concerns about their deliveries can contact us at for help and support.”

A courier sitting in a car driver's seat, checking a package using a portable information device
The delivery driver who penned the original post later identified himself as a Couriers Please employee, but group members were equally as unimpressed with his defence of peers who leave collection cards in place of parcels. Source: Getty Images

How do other delivery companies compare?

A spokesperson from rival delivery company Couriers Please told Yahoo News that safety is a priority for their delivery partners.

“At CouriersPlease, our number one priority is the safety of our delivery drivers and our customers. We make every effort to get our parcels delivered on time,” the spokesperson said.

“Our couriers have been going over and above during these exceptional times brought about by Covid.

“When we cannot make safe deliveries, we issue calling cards and then make arrangements for customers to get their parcels as quickly as possible.”

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