Shocking video exposes delivery driver's brazen act

A home security video is blowing up on Reddit, after a delivery driver was caught lobbing a package towards the recipient’s front door.

Reddit user Expert_Cartoonist730 posted the shocking video to the r/Australia subreddit, sarcastically labelling the video “delivered with care, thanks Australia Post.”

The 19-second video shows a delivery driver in an unlabelled uniform and vehicle approaching the outer gates of the customer’s home while carrying a small package.

The driver then underhands the parcel several metres past a parked car, before the parcel is heard rebounding off something out of frame. He then takes a photograph of the completed delivery and walks back to his van.

Footage showing delivery driver, said to be an Australia Post employee, throwing a parcel
The original poster of the video blamed Australia Post for the incident, but Redditors were torn over which company the delivery driver worked for. Source: Reddit/Expert_Cartoonist730

The video, which was also shared in a Melbourne subreddit, has been quick to gain thousands of reactions from viewers.

“Maybe it was Airmail?” one user joked.

“Your postal delivery can get f***ed if you have a gate on your property,” said another.

“There's a potted plant or at least a pot right within arm's reach of the gate he could've just dropped it onto,” wrote a third.

“I think the fact that it was delivered is a flipping miracle,” added a fourth.

Redditors also pointed out that the delivery driver may not in fact be affiliated with Australia Post, due to the lack of representation of the postal company on his uniform or car.

Social media debates delivery gripe

Some Redditors defended the delivery driver’s decision to throw the parcel, citing the gate’s inaccessibility in the video.

“Gate looks shut to me. Could have put a card but delivered the mail instead,” one person wrote.

“If he leaves it near the gate it could get stolen and the homeowner gets angry. If he climbs the fence to put it by the door, his employer and homeowner will get angry. If he takes it back to the post office the homeowner gets mad. I do feel for these guys,” said another.

The original poster defended these comments by stating that there is a doorbell installed which most delivery drivers ring when completing deliveries.

Australia Post addresses video

An Australia Post spokesperson has told Yahoo News that whilst there isn’t definitive evidence that the driver is a representative of their company, they’re committed to high standards.

“If this was in fact an Australia Post contractor or driver, these actions are not in line with the high service standards we expect our people to deliver to the community,” the spokesperson said.

“We also encourage customers to contact us directly on 13POST or via if they have concerns about a delivery so we can provide help and support.

“Our drivers are instructed to leave a card in the mail if they are unable to access the property.”

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