Australia Post worker caught dumping electoral letters in woman's bin

An Australia Post worker has been caught dumping a mound of electoral letters in a Queensland woman's wheelie bin just weeks ahead of the Federal Election.

Brisbane woman Annette Weller claims she caught the postie in the act on her home's security camera, and when she confronted him, he tried to bribe her with $10 to keep quiet.

On Saturday, Ms Weller told the Today Show she was tossing out some rubbish when she first noticed the pile of envelopes.

She said she looked around to see who might have done it and spotted a postman on a bike nearby.

When she questioned him, the Australia Post staffer claimed it wasn't him.

Wheelie bin full of electoral letters that were dumped.
The Queensland woman was 'disgusted' by the postman's act and so was her local senator who sent out the letters. Source: A Current Affair/Today

Ms Weller said she was "totally disgusted" when the postie then returned to her home to apologise and tried to give her cash to keep quiet.

She refused his offer and sent him on his way.

"I was dumbfounded to find all the letters dumped in my bin," she told the Today Show.

A Current Affair reports the letters were sent out by Liberal National Party Senator Paul Scarr, who Ms Weller says was "livid" when she told him what happened.

Mr Scarr informed her about the exuberant amount of taxpayers' money that's spent on sending out the letters, she said.

The senator told A Current Affair he was "disappointed" after learning of the dumped mail.

"I was so disappointed. I think people have a right to expect better from Australia Post," he said.

Queensland woman confronted Australia Post worker at her home
The Queensland woman confronted the Australia Post worker who dumped mounds of electoral letters in her wheelie bin. Source: A Current Affair/Today

Australia post responds to 'unacceptable' act

Australia Post Group CEO and Managing Director, Paul Graham, told Yahoo News Australia they are fully aware of this incident and matters of this nature are taken "very seriously".

The person responsible has since been suspended, he said.

"Australia Post is working with police and has commenced an internal investigation. All our team members have been fully trained in the right procedures for handling mail at election times," they said in a statement.

"The person involved has been suspended effective immediately pending the outcome of the investigation and we are working with the LNP to deliver these mail items as a priority. We take full responsibility and apologise unreservedly."

Mr Graham said the company expects posties to "meet our service obligations", especially during election time.

"This behaviour is completely unacceptable and we will continue to reinforce with our team the important role that we play during elections and adherence to our procedures and service commitment."

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