Passenger's furious rant at flight attendant over a sandwich

A passenger has abused a flight attendant in a expletive-laden rant, after mistaking his turkey sandwich for a ham sandwich.

Video shows the flight attendant explaining to the man, who says he is Muslim, that his sandwich contains ‘turkey ham’, which is processed turkey made from cooked or cured meat.

But the man doesn’t believe her, instead believing the product to be pork.

The man informs the flight attendant he “works in restaurants”.

“Ham is pork,” he says. “It doesn’t taste like turkey.”

The man claims his sandwich has pork in it but the flight attendant tells him otherwise – it has turkey ham in it. Source: NewsFlare

The flight attendant asks if he wants to return it, which he agrees to.

“This is not right. You should tell people it’s pork. I’m a Muslim,” he says.

The flight attendant said if it had pork in it, she would tell him. She offers him a cash refund and leaves to get his money.

“Stupid f****** bitch,” he says to another passenger

“She’s a f****** bitch, man”.

He continues to argue. Source: NewsFlare

He’s not finished either. When she returns with his money, he tells her she’s been rude.

She says she will be reporting him for acting inappropriately. He asks her what she means.

“You’re insulting me all the time,” she says. “You’re angry with me.”

The two continue to argue over whether pork was in the sandwich.

The argument took place on a Wizz Air flight from London to Macedonia on Sunday, the Sun reports.

It was filmed by a passenger who said they were “concerned” by the man raising his voice and swearing”.

Wizz Air are yet to comment on the matter.

The man tells the flight attendant she’s been rude to him. Source: NewsFlare