'Graffiti artists' killed after being hit by train

Three men have died after they were hit by a train at Loughborough Junction station in South London, police believe.

Officers were called to the station on Monday about 7.30am local time, following reports of multiple bodies being found.

Police and paramedics attended the scene, but the three people were pronounced dead after emergency services arrived. 

Spray cans were found near where the men died, close to a spot that is popular with graffiti artists.

Police are investigating after three men, believed to be graffiti artists, were found dead on train tracks in South London. Source: AAP

Rail industry sources said the paint was found nearby and the three people may have been killed overnight, when freight trains operate.

Officers were seen taking photographs of graffiti as part of their inquiries. 

A British transport Police spokesman said it’s believed the men died on Monday morning “and their injuries are consistent with having been hit by a train”. 

A police spokesman said the injuries were ‘ consistent with having been hit by a train’. Source: AAP

“Officers have delivered the sad news to one family as we believe one of the men was her son,” he said.  

“We are still working to identify the next of kin for the other two men. 

“All three men are believed to be in their 20s. If you know them then please let us know. Our investigation is focusing on how and why the men came to be on the tracks in the early hours of this morning and we are aware there are a number of speculative comments on social media. But it is far too early for us to comment as to the reason or them being there.”

Earlier, police said the deaths were being treated as unexplained. 

The investigation continues.

Police are treating the deaths as unexplained. Source: AAP