Bride dumps fiancé on morning of wedding over unpaid bill

A furious bride, just hours from walking down the aisle, called off her wedding after her husband-to-be failed to cough up the money owed for the venue on their big day.

Harriet Butler, 32, from Dorest, in the UK, pulled the plug on the wedding with Kevin Rogers, 41, after she discovered he lied about the unpaid bill on the day of the ceremony in Bude – the location where he’d proposed.

But in a defiant act, Ms Butler continued with her day and held a party for wedding guests at a home near where the couple planned to have their honeymoon.

Harriet Butler cancelled her big day on the day of their wedding after finding out her partner had been lying to her about unpaid bills. Source: Facebook/ Harriet Butler

“Because everyone was here I just thought we should make a day of it,” she told the Mail on Sunday.

The mother of two even told the wedding photographer to come along, who snapped photos of her in her wedding dress.

“I wasn’t going to let this be a horrible day so I put on my wedding dress, the bridesmaids put on their outfits, everyone else dressed up and the photographer came round too,” she said.

Kevin Rogers failed to tell his wife-to-be about the unpaid bill as he didn’t want to ruin her big day. SourcE: Facebook/ Harriet Butler

Ms Butler said her decision to cancel the wedding wasn’t anything to do with the money, but her partner’s decision to keep the burdening news from her.

Mr Rogers, whose business is struggling financially, repeatedly tried calling his wife on their wedding day but to no avail.

“Now I have lost everything. It has broken my heart,” he said.

He revealed he’d not told her about the money woes because he didn’t want to ruin her big day.

The pair, who had been together since 2015, have a two-year-old daughter together, while Ms Butler has a six-year-old girl from another relationship.