Travelling 4WD couple reveal little-known gas canister hack to help Aussies

The simple trick helps the couple know just how low their gas canister level is before it's too late.

Jess and Luke beside their 4WD and caravan (left) and the pair wearing sunglasses while in their 4WD (right).
Jess and Luke have shared their gas canister hack to help you know when you're about to run out. Source: TikTok

Whether enjoying a backyard barbecue or travelling around the country in a 4WD, having an empty gas canister can be a major "inconvenience" – as one Aussie couple doing the latter know all too well. As Jess and Luke travel around Australia they have shared a simple hack which helps them figure out if their supplies are running on empty.

The couple only has space for one gas canister in their vehicle, so to ensure they don't get caught out with an empty one they have started to adopt a hot water hack which helps indicate how much gas, if any, is still inside.

In a recent video posted to social media Luke is seen pouring hot water from a kettle onto the gas canister and then gauging the temperature with his finger, feeling for a sudden drop in temperature to indicate where the gas level is.

"Hot tip! If you want to know if your gas canister is empty pour hot water on it and where the gas is it'll be freezing cold," Jess explained in the clip. "Running out of gas is very inconvenient so make sure you test it when you think it is getting low."

Luke pours hot water on a gas canister from a kettle (left) and feels the side of it with his index finger (right).
Pouring hot water onto the gas canister (left) and feeling for a sudden drop in temperature (right) indicates the gas level. Source: TikTok

The simple trick essentially does the same thing as a gas canister gauge — a device which latches onto the canister and displays the level of gas inside — however it is arguably more accessible and saves you buying the device.

Fire and Rescue NSW confirmed to Yahoo News the hack is effective and safe for Aussies to adopt.

"This is an effective way to estimate the amount of gas remaining in the bottle which presents no danger, assuming that the bottle is in good condition and the hot water is handled carefully," a spokesperson said.

After their demonstration Jess and Luke confirmed their gas canister was indeed empty and were in need of another.

"Yep, it's empty," Jess said, with Luke's finger landing right on the bottom of the canister when feeling for the cold.

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