Hyundai driver stranded on 4WD track after ‘GPS stitch up’

Karl Vrecko said he has rescued dozens of drivers on the track after they were mislead by GPS devices.

The blue Hyundai stunk at the top of a steep track with deep ridges (left). The 4WD towing the Hyundai in the dark (right).
The Hyundai driver was stuck on the 4WD track after his GPS device indicated it was only a simple 'cut through road'. Source: Facebook

A motorist knew he had "messed up" when he found himself driving his small Hyundai alone on a dirt track with deep ridges and steep inclines, despite his GPS promising the quicker route was simply a "cut through road".

On Wednesday evening 4WD rescuer Karl Vrecko received a rescue call from the man saying he had found himself stuck. The rescuer knew the exact location the driver was describing, with this not the first time a driver has required assistance on the same stretch of road between Wangong and Whittlesea, towns situated north of Melbourne.

"The road is actually in worse condition than it shows on the GPS and it has turned into a 4WD track but it's still signposted as a road," the owner of towing service Roseey 4X4 Recovery told Yahoo News.

"It catches so many people out on this road in Mount Disappointment where it looks just like a normal dirt road until it gets to a point where you're going downhill and there is no reversing out at that stage," he said. The incident happened on the corner of South Mountain Road and Clarkes Road.

"Thankfully old mate knew he messed up and stopped before causing damage to his car and gave me a call to come get him after work... [it was a] GPS stitch up again!"

The 4WD hanging off deep ridges showing how difficult the terrain is.
It took Karl Vrecko two hours to rescue the driver from the 4WD track. Source: Facebook

The promise of shortening a 25 minute route has left dozens of drivers stranded in the last two years since Vrecko has provided towing services, with drivers often ill-equipped in the terrain.

It took two hours to tow the Hyundai off the track, with Vrecko having to complete the end of the rescue in the dark. He warned others to be mindful of the location, advising people to use major roads over any enticing shortcuts.

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