Mum finds heartbreaking note in second-hand children's book

A Melbourne mother has found a heartbreaking note inside a second-hand children’s book she bought for her daughter.

Natalie Coleman, from St Kilda, bought the book 5 Minute Princess Stories from an op-shop in May before bringing it home to her young daughter, Leni.

When they sat down to read it together, they discovered a devastating message from the previous owner.

The note inside touched the mother deeply. Source: Facebook/ Natalie Coleman

“Dear Alexis, If you’re getting this without me, it’s because unfortunately my circumstances got too grim for me to give to you yourself,” the note reads.

“You need to know I always loved you with all my heart.

“You were the first thing I thought about when I woke up in the morning, and the last thing I thought about at night.

“Love Dad (Barry).”

The book was purchased in a Melbourne op-shop and Ms Coleman is now searching for the book’s rightful owner, Alexis. Source: Facebook/ Natalie Coleman

Moved by the poignant message from the father, Ms Coleman set about searching for the book’s rightful owner.

She shared an image of the book and its note to Facebook to see if anyone knew Alexis.

“The message just breaks my heart…if you know Alexis (Dad named Barry) I would love to return your book,” she wrote.

The mother returned to the op-shop where she purchased the book in a bid to trace the individual who donated it, the Herald Sun reports.

But the store revealed there was nothing that could be done to trace the owner.

“As much as we love the book, we’d like to see it returned to the little girl whose dad wrote the letter,” Ms Coleman said.

“Any young person would treasure these words from their father.”