WATCH: The shocking moment man reaches out and pats lion

A tourist has filmed the shocking moment he decided to pat a lion and was met with a ferocious roar while on safari in Africa.

Video of the incident, reportedly filmed in the Serengeti, shows the men in a jeep with lionesses and male lions lazing around them.

With a window open, one of them reaches out and strokes a male lion.

A group of tourists have been condemned for patting a lion on safari in the Serengeti. Source: YouTube/ Wildlife Sightings

The lion then turns to them and begins to growl.

“Close the window,” one of the men says.

The lion roars before rising to his feet.

One of the tourists pats the lion. Source: YouTube/ Wildlife Sightings

The men rush to close the window.

South African safari ranger Naas Smit told the Sun what the tourists did was “incredibly stupid”.

He added the lion could have “easily” smashed through the open window and torn the tourists apart.

One of the tourists frantically shuts the window. Source: YouTube/ Wildlife Sightings

“They were lucky to get away with it,” he said.

“They are wild animals.”

Mr Smit said it’s likely if the lion had killed them, game rangers would have probably had to put it down.

The tourists get the lion’s attention. Source: YouTube/ Wildlife Sightings